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  1. Mack gearheads,I have a 1997 Mack CH613 with 427 E7,it has the electronic P Pump,whats the chance of turning up this pump ?

  2. It's parked till we get time to pull the engine,we've had several problems with this particular model engine over the years,did the last ones in frame,won't make that mistake again only takes 16 hours to get to the gears to inspect.No other way of inspecting the drive assembly,other than opening it up?
  3. I have a 2007 Granite Tri Dump with 465,000 miles,equipped with a MP7 405HP,recently it's developed a rattle at idle in the rear of the engine accessory drive,but just bump the throttle a tad and it goes away,I assume we'll have to pull the rear housing to determine the cause,which is a nightmare after having it out a few years ago to replace the cracked flywheel housing'is this something typical that's showing up in these Volvo want to be Mack engines.
  4. If your running any mack emission truck ,you will need a good mechanic,volvo took a great line of trucks and turned them into shop magnets
  5. gry

    C150 carrier problems

    Looking for some tech help this morning,we shucked a power divider in a 2013 GU713 the other day trying to jerk a buried truck out with another loaded truck,ordered a REMACK rebuild 4.19 ratio,when it showed up we noticed a little difference,the new one had a wiring harness for the locker device that my old one didn't even have,dealer said put er in and don't worry about it.Now we're installing the axles and the passenger side slid right in,the drivers side will not go in,what the heck?
  6. Hey Mack Gearheads,I've got a 2002 RB I bought new we are fixing the old dog up and would like to do a Horsepower upgrade,currently a 400,whats my options without changing the cam,VIN1M2AM09C81M006091,Turbo part#631GC5153AM2X

  7. Hey Pal,fix the Eaton,the 8LL,it is far superior to the Mack 10 speed which is an engineering catastrophy,I've got 35 of them and they're all junk.
  8. gry

    Granite Cab Swap

    Hey Mack people,I have a 2005 Granite CV713 we flopped this Fall and looking to replace the cab,I can find all kinds of Vision cabs the same era,will the Vison cab interchange with the Granite or are they totally different as far as mounts and firewall openings,any help would be greatly appreciated,Greg
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