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C150 carrier problems



Looking for some tech help this morning,we shucked a power divider in a 2013 GU713 the other day trying to jerk a buried truck out with another loaded truck,ordered a REMACK rebuild 4.19 ratio,when it showed up we noticed a little difference,the new one had a wiring harness for the locker device that my old one didn't even have,dealer said put er in and don't worry about it.Now we're installing the axles and the passenger side slid right in,the drivers side will not go in,what the heck?

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Can you share some pictures. When you say wiring harness for locker device, did you get a REMACK with a inter-wheel differential lock when the original one did NOT have a inter-wheel lock? Did the original and REMACK have a inter-axle differential lock.

When you say installing axles, I am assuming you are intending to say axle-shafts. The Left Hand side (Driver side) axle-shaft for diff. lock has longer spline but if your original version did not have a diff. lock and the REMACK version has a diff. lock (assuming it came with diff. fork and clutch), you will need to slide in axle shafts in a specific way to go across diff. clutch into the side gear of the differential. You should be able to use the REMACK carrier with the diff. lock on this truck.

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