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  1. Yes. 8.3l 505 cubic inch. 6ct. Basically a big brother to what’s in the dodge pickups. As I type this I think I’m in your back yard. I’m switching trailers at the Lowes in Havertown.
  2. On face book, buddy just sent to me.
  3. Hobert62


    Our great governor in Pa just passed something that actually helps me. Pickups towing trailers over 10,000 no longer need to be licensed combination as long as it is recreational and not for buisness. This will save me about $400 a year on my pickup tags. Just can’t exceed mfg tow ratings.
  4. Here’s what I threw together with some scrap laying around. Solid and portable, not really a working stand but good for now.
  5. Tried sending them through gmail to myself at the small size and that worked👍🏻
  6. Kinda look like aftermarket KW style
  7. I posted some pics from my old phone today and worked fine, but new phone would not I’m going to have to figure out how to resize them and try that.
  8. I can get you the info. There is s tag on the convertor and tranny that say something like Allison reman. I know absolutely nothing about it’s condition. It was in a wrecked rear engine school bus behind a 8.3 Cummins. I didn’t see the bus either. I’m in central Pa. zip is 17830. Make me an offer and come get it.
  9. I’ll agree with ya, looks like a pain. With no experience I’d think a non ground bearing hydraulic one would be a lot easier.
  10. My 8.3 Cummins I just bought is plumbed right into the intake. It has a valve”forget the name” on the air compressor where the small filter would be,that limits the amount of pressure it will take so it doesn’t take all the turbo boost on a pull
  11. I never had a problem until I updated from an iPhone 4 to my 8. Now I can’t either. I get the upload failed and exclamation point as well
  12. Thanks. I was thinking convertor would just pull out of the front of the tranny. I’m not reinstalling only wanted engine. It’s sitting on my trailer may just pull starter so I have a bigger hole to work through.
  13. Nope. Through starter hole?
  14. I got a project engine that came with an Allison model 3000 hooked to it. How does it come off? I unbolted the bolts trough the bell housing and can only get them separated about 5/8”. I was thinking it would just pull apart like a car tranny.
  15. Swishy, you forgot to chain the tractor down.
  16. Thanks. That’s the first I’ve seen a mechanical one work. I’ve seen both ground bearing and non before but never realized the difference. Just basically thought of it as Ford and Chevy.
  17. What’s the difference between a ground bearing and non ground bearing?
  18. I’ve wondered and heard the same thing. 0
  19. Here’s what I came up with. It works very nice 2 out of the 3 ways I wanted, so I’m skipping the lay down function. I remove 1 pin from the drivers side lower barn door hinge and put it in the passenger side top hinge to spread. The gate opens all the way around and hooks open with a welded D-ring to stay open. I added s turn buckle type latch on the top of the passenger side to keep the gate secured when closed in barn door mode. Well I updated to a newer phone from my iPhone 4 to a 8. Now I’m part of the people that apparently can’t post pictures. I had some in this reply and they failed to upload.
  20. Can you get me a picture of that? I’m in the early planing stages of a report project for my B.
  21. Hobert62


    Looks like it would do a wheelie if ya hooked a trailer to it.
  22. Happy birthday! and love the boots and shorts.
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