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  1. I am sure you have got a tranny by now. But if it helps someone else and you are talking about pro gear in Orlando Fl. I have purchased parts and transmissions for many years. I have not had any issues with them and they have always helped me in any way they could.
  2. If the vibration is while parked got to believe I am wrong about the driveshaft being the cause. What king of wear is the clutch showing when taken out, One side, one disc or just inside 1/2 of the paddles? I had a cat that had a vibration and about 10000 miles later crank snapped at #5 main. I also had a 237 Mack that vibrated at 1100 - 1400 and never had any issues. I would dial indicate the crank also at flywheel mount if nothing else shows up.
  3. I have had problems similar and it would rip the center out of 1 clutch then go a while and the rip the other one time after time after about 3 or 4 months. I checked everything to do with the engine, clutch and transmission. After 4 or 5 times I figured it was the angle of the drive line caused from warn suspicion parts. The drive shaft should be inspected also. The vibration follows the drive shaft and if you have a fuller Eaton trans sometimes it will brake the pins loose on the synchronizer also.
  4. I think it is about 1/2 way between center of engine hooks and rear hook lifting on only motor. Pick up a little and you can set and adjust.
  5. I have a nice 06 freightliner Columbia mid roof. It has a 14 L 60 series and a 10 speed. It has a apu unit. All good brakes and rubber. Ready to work now. It is in good shape and its a rust free Florida truck that is located in Deland Fl. 32720 Looking for $16000. or may trade for a 359 ex hood pete.
  6. Most of the time it is one of the cruise switches that look like brake light switches. You can bypass them to check to see if the cruise works.
  7. I have a 2001 rd688s that shuts off going down the road. I have traced it to what I think is a relay getting hot. There are 2 relays in the glove compartment that get to around 150 or 160 and then one clicks and the truck shuts off. It is not the ignition relay that clicks. I have cleaned the starter to frame and frame to the block grounds and ran a new one also. I replaced the relays also. Any ideas would be great. After working on it some more I am not sure it is the relay shutting it of because the power and ground do not change after it shuts off only after the motor quits turning over.
  8. Look at the wheel bearings. If they are the same it should work.
  9. You need to have about a 1/2 inch of clearance between the pressure plate and the throw out bearing. Then about 2 inches of free play. Could be someone has just adjusted the free play. If you have that then time for the clutch to come out.
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