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    Turn ons: Big Mack Trucks and the men who drive them
    Turn offs: Peterbilts, Kenworths, Volvos, guys who don't stop to help me if I am broken down or have a flat and truck drivers that need a machete to shave.

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  1. Happy B Day and how could you ever have anything go flat?

  2. Happy Birthday you sexy hunk of burning love......I dressed up as a naughty librarian just for your special day but you drove right past me and didn't even have the common courtesy to give me a honk on the horn........I think you're just getting old and don't see very well any more.......Oh well....
  3. I'm GLAD you kept going- I didn't really want to ride in that communist POS anyway.
  4. Here's my truck. I hope that you guys approve. It's not much to look at but it's mine. Please excuse the bird droppings on the hood, and the scuff on the steer tire. I use it on Sundays to take my Grandmother to church and to haul the annual load of cookies for the Winfall Girl Scout Troop.
  5. Hi! I'm from Winfall and I love big trucks, especially Macks!!! But Petes and KW's make me sick to my stomach, I just don't know why. And there's this one guy who's always passin' through town whenever I am broken down, he drives a red something or other, some kind of communist off-brand POS but what really makes me sad is the fact that he never stops to offer help, he just takes pictures of me as he drives by- I think he's stalking me. I don't understand.......Last week I needed help getting my bra unhooked from my sweater but he didn't stop.....All I wanted to do was go skinny dipping. Oh well.