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  1. Turns out Mack wired this truck - BASIC. The T/S and brake share the same wire. I can't split them for the pup, so the pup has to be wired the same way. Not that I need a separate light for the T/S, and a separate light for the brake, but it would be nice to have that option. The drop deck that I pull w/ the Western Star uses the outside (of 3) lights for the T/S and the inside 2 for the brake. If I ever pull the drop deck with the Mack all 3 will be T/S and all 3 will be brake. I think the ABS just needs a constant 12V to the pup/trailer. I remember when I had a spread axle I could drop the air in the rear axle and strap it up (if I was light). When I did this the ABS light would come on because one axle was spinning and the other axle was not. I didn't do this too often as it goofed with the ABS.
  2. Thanx gearhead. The axles that I am using to build the pup, have ABS, my Mack doesn't. I'll hook them up, if they become a problem, I'll disconnect them.
  3. I've got the hole burnt in the pintle plate and am working on the wiring. Everything is color coded but I don't know what the colors are for. So far I have some figured out but there are some that I have questions about. Can somebody tell me if these are correct? Red = brake lights White = ground Blue = ABS (my pup is equiped but the Mack is not - does this matter?) Brown = tail or clearance (which one?) Black = marker or clearance or tail ??? Green = Right T/S Yellow = Left T/S I'm not sure on the tail, marker and clearance lights. Do I have the T/S correct??
  4. What about the gears?? Am I OK there?? I was thinking about something in the 3.90 range. I don't know if changing the gears is cheaper or getting a set of cutoff's from a camel back. If I can fix the 12 speed, I will keep it. I hope it is just the air filter or regulator. - I like easy!!
  5. Air Regulator? Where is it - what does it look like? Air Filter - didn't know it had one. This could be the problem!! Thank you for being gentle with my ignorance about Mack's. Just got off the phone w/ NW Truck Center (Harold was out for the day). They recomended an injector upgrade and said the turbo should be OK. Both Pyro and Boost gauge are on the short list. I already put holes in the dash for them.
  6. I have had this truck for 8 years and have put very little into it. Next summer I may be working it daily and need to make it more reliable. '91 RD690S Maxidyne EM7 300 4 VH 12 speed TRTXL 1070B Mack diffs w/ 4.42 gears (CRDPC92, CRD93) Camel Back Double frame The syncro in the trans is GONE. Going up or down - everytime I move the button on the stick it grinds. It is particularly bad when I move the button to go down and the stick to go up a gear. My options are to replace it with a Mack 18 spd, replace it with an Eaton 18 spd (and have a new drive shaft made) or rebuild this trans. I like the Eaton idea as it will get me better fuel mileage, but the Mack 18 spd is built a bit stronger. Your thoughts?? I need more HP. I got spoiled with a 60 series 500 HP and now feel the Mack is under powered. I will be adding a Pittsburg Power muffler and maybe a turbo this winter. Any other hod rod ideas?? I want to pull a pup with this and will be grossing 92,000 lb. While a 300 may get me by in Ohio, it will be a real struggle at 5000' in the "hills" of WY and MT. My jake brake is weak. The truck didn't come w/ this, I added it shortly after I bought the truck. I got the parts from a salvage yard in IL. I was told that there is a kit to increadse the oil pressure and get a stronger jake brake. I have no other info. If anybody knows how to get more braking power out of my jake, I am very interested!! I also need several small parts. I recently blew a steer tire and it wiped out my passenger side headlight assy. The hood is mildly cracked but I can work with it. Other than the dealer is there a place that has Mack parts like this?? Aftermarket is OK as long as they are not chineese parts. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I always had the $$ to pay a mechanic when I was running over the road. Now that I am semi-local I want to do more myself as well as I don't have the money to pay somebody else.
  7. No "R" model should die in vain. Thru this death others may live!! I'm looking at the parts I can use to keep mine alive. Does the owner want to part out the truck??
  8. That worked!! Thanx I'm kinda proud of the Western Star too!
  9. I don't have too many pix right now, but here are 2 OK so that didn't work. I'll have to find out how to post pix on here.
  10. Wasn't sure if a '91 was considered a "classic" or modern. Glad it falls into the classic area. I also have a 91 RD 690 S. I found this site while looking for parts. I'm not attempting to hi-jack this thread but I need the headlight assy/bezel/mounting brackets. Blew a steer tire yesterday and when a big floater lets go it does some damage. I never did any fiberglass work but it looks like I'm gonna learn!! If there are some good parts suppliers out there - I'm all ears.
  11. New here and found this site out of desparation. Blew a steer tire yesrteday and am looking for parts for a 91 RD 690. The truck is set up as a 12yd dump truck and is ALL MACK. EM-7 eng - 300 HP. Mack 12 speed w/ 6 reverse gears. Mack 4.42 diffs , I think 48,000 lbs - maybe 46K? I have a bunch of questions but will troll around a bit rather than show my ignorance right away .
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