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  1. Hi Steve, thats a nice original looking R model you have. Is it 74/75, 237 with 6spd 165'' wb ? Its great you have all matching #'s. I've an 11/73 R685RST 6spd 34's on 44 f/fitted, pretty orig, tipper. I parked it 5yrs ago and I'd like to put it back on the road, do a bit of work and take it to a few shows etc. I'm having an attempt at scanning pix to add an album. Regards Jeffro.
  2. Hi Thad, a 4x4 or a 6x6 Mack is denoted in the model # after the engines type #, i.e. RM686 6 or 4 SX , so an RM686SX is only bogie drive, whereas an RM6866SX would be a 6x6. Regards Jeffro.
  3. Gday skip, ive probably bum steered a few people, but what i can workout from the info that i have is that R's were released in both forms, the very 1st dozen or so were steel front. Nilons R was actually one of the earliest R's delivered, around Jul/Aug 66. When the 'R' was actually unveiled it did'nt mention the steel front. A couple of months later it was mentioned in T&BT that the steel front was an option. It was an option right up till I think early 70's and then probably only available on the 800's.The Bulldog Bulletin you mention also has a story on Bakers logging operation out at Ramornie, that R was in the 1st 1/2 dozen or so deliveries. Regards Jeffro.
  4. The 6 Hi joe, that list of model # that superdog posted is correct . The 1st R's in Australia . were R609 's & R403 's, that was late 1966. Then the R611 's & R607 's which Mack called the "power pup" .The 1st 685 's appeared in late 68. The 1st R 's were Flinstones, maybe 6 to 12 mths b4 the fibreglass bonnett appeared hope this helps you Joe, regards jeffro 7 R607 's
  5. G'day everyone at BMT, this my observation of the product improvements time frame for trucks in Australia. When the big cab came it also brought with it the 1/2 dog mirrors, the w/screen washer bottle in the door and the trunnion style front cab mounts. This cab along with the new 'Maxidyne 300' had its debut at the various truck shows around the country during 1974. This cab wasn't standard on Australian Macks until mid 1975. The round fuel tanks started to appear late in 1979. These approximate dates are from the 'Bulldog Bulletin' and also from my own observations during these years. Hope this info can be of assistance to anybody particularly in Aus. Regards Jeffro.
  6. G'day milo, both were fitted, i think the 1/2 dog mirrors were an option, they were heated. New Macks had 1/2 dog mirrors as early as 1975, black or chrome bubble backas late as 1977. A lot of specially built trucks like drill rigs etc often still used black b/back. Thats what ive observed over the years. You can still buy new s/steel or chrome bubble backs from Mack for about $120 thats mirror head only. If you go to Gleemans you can sometimes p/u 1/2 dogs comlete with s/steel arms for $100-150 depending on condition. hope this info is of help to you, regards jeffro
  7. Hi Joe, that flinstone do you know if it was originally a single drive 237? Do you know the chassis # ? It looks like a very early one, 1967 or early 68, if you can give me the chassis # i could probably give you an approx build date,eng & D/line details. regards jeffro
  8. the frame of a U is completely different to a DM 600, U uses the same frame as an R600, the DM 800 & R800 use their own frame with a straight thru profile, the DM 600 has its own frame similar to a B model, but with a deeper section from front to behind the cab. Hope this might be of interest to you, regards jeffro
  9. hi wacko, in Australia we've always had a limited range of Macks available, but i'm sure the # are all the same. The 1st letter is the model followed by mayb another to denote a variation of that model. Then the 1st# is the capacity of the truck, i.e. 600 is usually lighter duty in some way than a 700 or an 800. The 2nd 2 # are the engine. In the 70's a 711 would be an R609 or 709or F609,709 etc, a 673Cwould be an R611, a 237 an R685 a truck with an END864T would always be at least a 700, F719 or R719. If there is a 4th # it is often a 4 or a 6, this is 4x4 or 6x6. The next letters are, in Aust an R is for RHD, you probably wouldnt see this much in the US. Next is an S ,T,ST,X,SX. T is a single drive, ST is Tractor, usually a light weight rear like a 34,000lb, S is like 44,000lb an SX or an RSX is usually 55 or 65,000lb rears. In Australia we have A8-FR712RST, A8 is Australian twin steer tandem drive. I think you'll find exceptions to every rule. Hope this explains a bit more. Jeffro.
  10. hi barry, id b interested in 3 or 4 pair shipped to Australia, that is my favourite Mack logo, it would b great if you could still get the sticker. Regards Jeffro
  11. Hi Dave, from what i can gather the DM has 2 different chassis, the 800 has straight thru rails, the 600 has a profile like a B except deeper. The R800 uses the same chassis as a DM800, anyway i dont see why you couldnt centre the cab on any of the chassis. You might just need cab mounts, and i dont know if the R400 cab mounts would do, or if they would mate to a DM chassis. Im from Australia, and we dont have many DM's here and less R400's, im sure there would be somebody in the US that would know better. Regards Jeffro.
  12. looks like the early Superliner in the early Mack ads in Overdrive etc.
  13. hi grant, yes well the F chassis doesnt have a hole for the steer box. the R does. what are you doin with the 375? jeffro.
  14. Hey Grant those V8 V/liners had really small battery boxes on each side behind the wheels. even when they had airstart. jeffro
  15. Hi Grant, 95% of Aussie Macks wereair start up until about mid 90's, so they only had 1 battery box, it was mounted on the lhs, air start tanks were mouted on the rhs.I think when S/liners & C/liners came out they might have had extra batteries even if they were air start. Jeffro
  16. Hi Grant, the F v R chassis is more to do with the tapered section and the castings for spring mountings. An F model chassis is not identical LHS v RHS, on the LHS the front, front spring mount is nothing like the RHS front, front spring mount, the LHS front mount also supports the LHD steering box and is about 20 in long, the RHS spring bracket is only about 11 in long, also the way the chassis splays out at the front is the LHS rail is basically a straight rail and the RHS rail splays out like an R. This is why the 2nd RHD conversion had the steering box behind the front RH wheel. However the rear front spring mounts each side appear to be the same, and are'nt the same as an R model. The F model was not really designed to be RHD. So when converting F's to RHD it was a compromise. Using the R chassis meant it was easier to convert to RHD. regards jeffro.
  17. Hi Grant, I'm pretty sure Mack doubled up single rails, like you could have 10.5 in rails doubled up to be double rail. You wouldnt get 9 in rails in a single rail unless it was say an R400, a B40 series or a weight reduced B61 or R600 for say tanker work. 9 in rails in a 600 or 700 series truck would usually be doubled, whereas 10.5's could be single or doubled. That Mack you've got if it is factory 866 is an FR797RS. This engine was'nt available in Aust till Sept 1972, towards the end of 1971 the F model went to the R model chassis, the chassis no should be just in front of drive axle on the drivers side. regards jeffro
  18. hi Grant, there are different depth frames, single rail frames in a 700 series truck is about 10.5 in, double rail is about 9. I dont have frame sizes at hand, but im sure they could have been deeper for severe service. I think there was an 11 in frame. This goes for F and R. Your F could be an FR700RSX, or could have been axtremely long WB. It could also be 2in deeper and not 3in. jeffro.
  19. hi all a few extra details , the F 700R with steer box behind the wheel was the 2nd rhd conversion. A 71 F700R would have been alate one, i think they went to FR700R in 1972. i.e. F model, R chassis, 700 series and R for RHD. The set back axle F in Australia was an FRM700R. This is what ive understood to a have developed with the F series in Australia. regards jeffro.
  20. Hi mackaholic, if you could see the chassis would be better. thats definitely an AC cab no doubt. Its also got a military style radiator guard and a B or F type radiator. To me those wheels look like some that were on some AC's. Jeff.
  21. Hi mackaholic, if you could see the chassis would be better. thats definitely an AC cab no doubt. Its also got a military style radiator guard and a B or F type radiator. To me those wheels look like some that were on some AC's. Jeff.
  22. Hi regarding early Mack V8 into an R600, it will fit, re. R615. But if you go for turbo V8 your cab to radiator length is too short. I remember an R600 Flintstone with an ENDT866 and it had a raised cab & radiator assy to accomodate the turbo. I think it may have been a factory job from Mack in Brisbane.
  23. Im sure the torque rating of a TRQ7220 is 720lbs/ft. People have put them behind ENDT675's with a torque rate of 900+
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