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  1. Great pics of your Mack Jim, thanks for posting.
  2. Hi, I would be interested. Would you ship to Australia at my cost?
  3. Thanks for the info, Vlad. I thought 500-600kgs. I was hoping someone could tell me for sure. It is all done now and I have the cab at home.
  4. Hi, does anyone know the shipping weight of a groomed, 1985 'R' Series Mack cabin. I need to know if I can pick up this cab with my trailer, or hire a bigger trailer. Any info could help me. Thanks.
  5. I am apalled at the attitude displayed here by a small number of members. It's just proven what i've often wondered about alot of guys here, the replys they make, the things they say. I'm not a member because I think you are all a great bunch of blokes, I'm here for the love of Mack. kindest regards Jeff.
  6. How about, all Quads are overdrive, but a '0' on the end means double overdrive
  7. I think your mistakeing the ENDT673 with an END673T, which did not have piston coolers. The ENDT673 did have piston coolers, and started at 225hp. In Australia the 'Perry' water filter was used as standard on the ENDT673 and the ENDT675 up till about the time ESI came in.
  8. Mark, point taken on the availability of the AMT R-685ST. But the R-600 has all the correct parts, excepting for the cab and hood, where as the DM's have everthing incorrect bar cab, hood engine and wheels. What I'm saying is if you had a DM-600 kit, why bother buying a U-600 transkit, all you are getting really is a cab and hood and you get them with the DM-600. I don't understand getting a transkit plus a DM-600, If you are prepared to build a U from a DM600 or 800, you may aswell build your U on a Ford Louisville, a W-900, a White Road Boss or a Diamond Reo, Chev Titan/GMC Astro. Because if you build a U on a DM-600, it is a DM-600, does'nt matter if it has a sticker that says U-600, it is a DM not a U As far as giving someone some advice, basically, to build a U-600 you need an AMT R-600 then either an AITM U-600 transkit or an MPC DM-600, or just buy a DM-600 regards Jeff.
  9. Hi, am I missing something here, why would you buy an AITM U-600 transkit, then a DM-600 or 800 kit? If you bought an AITM U-600 transkit, would'nt it be an AMT R-685ST kit you would be needing to build the U-600? Please let me know your logic. Regards Jeffro.
  10. Great story n pic's keg, I know the feeling, I slept night after night in my ole R, a 73 237, 2stick 6speed. Mine had a factory box and seat base fitted with enough room to still get to the air valves. If I had kept it running I would of made a frame in front of the passenger's seat, to make more room on top and use the space under. 'The good ole days'
  11. Not as original build, an ESI engine uses all spin ons, but over 45 years things get changed. This is why I say, 'you need the numbers' of the engine, or maybe the fuel pump or the turbo will do, so you can then see if they are the correct numbers in the charts/Mack workshop manuals for a particular engine. Because as you can see you can't go by appearance alone.
  12. This is ridiclous, in a nutshell, a guy on Hanks has complained about a guy on BMT using his pic without express permission. Ok, if the guy on Hanks wants to be like that he can, probably because he has a case, I'm not saying he's being reasonable though. He may have been having issues with this subject for a long time, so he's got a bee in his bonnet about it. Since this topic/subject started a day ago most of the talk here has been about how Hanks is wrong and unfair, or members missing the point and bringing up ridiculous 'what if's'. Then a thread starts on Hanks about BMT, and how we are childish wannabe's, and members here are complaining about whats been said on Hanks. The main contributor from Hanks is missing the point also, but is cheesed off at what the guys on BMT have said about Hanks. Put your head under a cool tap and think about it.
  13. You can't just walk on to private property an take photos, but the street or a car park or a gas station, well you would need a sign saying you can't take photos on this property, then the guy with the camera would walk to the sidewalk and take a pic.It's really quite simple.
  14. You don't need permission to take a photo of a truck driving down the highway. If a guy is sitting in a truck at a truckstop, it would be courtesy to say "do you mind if I take a photograph of your truck" if you say yes, the photographer can do whatever he want's with the photograph. If the guy is'nt sitting in the truck the photographer will probably take the pic anyway. This is about ownership or the photograph, if you own the truck, it does'nt mean you own the photograph.
  15. Bigdogtrucker, The chassis number puts this truck in the 1967 period, could be 68, as stated. The number is for a 237 tandem, but would not have been a Quad. It would more than likely have been a 5 speed Maxitorque.
  16. All we have to go on is two pics of an engine around 40 years old. The engine in the pics has ESI oil system with pre-ESI water system. So it's a guess without the #'s. It looks like a 237. Sometimes you have to delve deeper.
  17. A Mack 6 is a Mack 6, you need to look closer, i.e. at the numbers, to accuratley tell what engine it is.
  18. All Mack 6cyl. engines had spin on filters after, say, 1972, that's when the 'ESI' engines came out. ESI stands for 'Extended Sevice Interval'. Part of ESI programme was spin on filters. It does'nt matter if it is an END673E, an ENDT673C or an ENDT675, they will all have spin ons after 1972. But an ESI engine should have a spin on water conditioner element. this engine has the earlier style of water connections to the radiator. But as has been said, over the years things get changed. You can't always go by things like turbo(not by appearance anyway, you need the#), inlet manifold or water and oil connections or set ups because things get changed. The tin inlet manifold was used on the 'P' motor, the 'C' motor, the '237' and the END673'E'. The Turbo looks like a Switzer to me, could be a 237 or a 'C' motor. The oil filler is just a Mack 6cyl. oil filler neck for an 'R' model. You need the # from the side of the fuel pump, the engine # from either the front of the engine near where the fuel pump drive is, or the rear of the block if the engine was originally fitted to an F series,(don't know how you will get that if thats where it is located) The # on the turbo could possibly tell you what turbo it is, i.e. what engine it is for. Why was the engine painted gold? Was it to fool people in to thinking it was a '237' or is it really a '237'? But it looks like an ENDT675, a '237'
  19. I think that when it says "No picture may be used for your facebook or youtube" or whatever it say's, it means Bigmacktrucks.com or any other website. When someone puts a photo up on BMT from Hanks, that is not personal use. That could come under distribution.
  20. This is certainly an interesting topic. I reckon this subject is a can of worms and has become a hot topic because of the ease of spreading images via the internet. This is my opinion. I don't think you can stop a person from standing on a street corner taking photo's of trucks and cars driving the streets then posting those photo's, the photo's belong to the person taking the photograph, and does'nt need anyone's permission. I think it would be different if your truck was tucked away in the back corner of your yard and someone came in and photographed it without your knowledge then posted it. I think it would still be property of the photographer, but would be wrong, and the owner of the vehicle would be fair to complain about that. I think trucks at truck shows or parked in the street are fair game, if you don't like that you don't take your vehicle out in a public place. I don't think this is about some companies logo's on vehicles or taking a photograph of the vehicle, it's about somebody using somebody else's photograph without asking permission to use the photograph, a totally different subject. I think when it says something like 'pictures may be used for personal use only but not on your facebook page' etc, I think that also means bigmacktrucks.com or showusyourchev.com.etc.etc. I think that means you can save it to your computer and when your mates come over you can say 'look at this neat Mack I saw on the internet', it does'nt mean you can re-post somewhere else, or copy it to paper and sell copies.
  21. He had other Mack F's, I think another may have been 6Cyl Cummins powered. I think one was like an FS767LT or a 47, an FL maybe, it was a 50" cab with a Cummins 6 stickin out the back.
  22. Thanks for the info Firemack.
  23. Good score. What model is it, an F-607 or a 609?
  24. In Australia, round steel or aluminium steptanks, or round aluminium tanks with steps on the straps were fitted to the Super-Liner. I don't think the S/L was fitted with the older style square steel steptanks.
  25. About 87 they went to 4 valve. The rocker covers are a bit like an E9 excepting for three cylinders instead of two
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