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  1. Hi Aaron, my guess is a U 700, I doubt it is a DM .Regards Jeffro.
  2. Hi James, welcome, thats a nice bit of gear you have. I dont know that much about fire apparatus but I can tell you that model # is for an ENDT676 if it was an ENDT675 it would be CF685. I have a small collection of Mack fire trucks in various scales and a few photo archives, L , B and CF . Mack certainly has been a big player in the fire fighting field since the beginning of the motor age. Good luck wiyh your project . Regards jeffro.
  3. John, the first E9's & E6's were that salmon colour, I think when they went to Econodyne they went that light blue colour. I think there was a change in the shade of grey sometime after it was introduced. When I was looking for it a guy at Mack in Brisbane said that the colour was a Dulux colour called 'Avil Grey'and later changed to just 'Anvil' and you could buy it at any hardware store as small as 500ml, I bought 1ltr. I'd like to know the code for a thermodyne 6 in the late 60's early 70's, b4 they went to silver for a thermodyne it was an aqua blue colour. Any ideas would be a help. Regards Jeffro P.S. I think when they went to 500 hp they went grey
  4. HK, thats a point, because the DM's were'nt easy to convert to RHD the R 800 was a more popular choice particularly for hwy use. I dont think any DM 600's landed here. There were no U's, as they were a hwy truck I'm sure and offset cab Macks could'nt be converted to RHD without being silly. We had R 600 RSX's for heavy duty 600's. DM 800's were used for off hwy use and oil field work but the R 800 was the choice, thats what I reckon. Regards Jeffro.
  5. I think the only DM's we had in Oz were 800's, from what I can workout the 800's have a chassis with a sraight thru profile like a B 80 series,and only have steel fronts. The 600's have a profile like a B model except deeper at the front and have fibreglass or steel fronts. The U's have an R model chassis and I have only seen them in fibreglass fronts. I think the U's are basically an offset cab R model. Regards jeffro
  6. I think it means the 2nd with a Cummins something,from what I can gather if it is a B 615'T' 1001 the next one could be a B 615 'ST' 1002 then 3rd could be B 615 'SX' 1003 there could be ten all the same thru to 1013 then there could be a B 615 'X' 1014 but it would change if it was a B 61'3' T eg 1001 B 61'3' ST 1002 B613'SX'1003, so long as its a B 615 or a B 613 or a DM 865 I dont think it matters what it is behind the cab. Thats what I reckon. Regards Jeffro .
  7. I would use them. Are the later Thermodyne badges available? Like on F models, capital letters with a line under, I'd be interested in a couple of those also.
  8. Hi Gary, END 673 170 hp, END 673 P 180 hp, known as a 'P' motor . Regards Jeffro .
  9. Hi Martin, the stands that come down from the frame are referred to as a pedestal, the tube is called a spindle,some are hollow some solid, the trunnion slides on to the spindle. The spindle is clamped to the pedestal with the 4 bolts each side, there should be a collar between the pedestal and the spindle. Regards Jeffro
  10. James, the #'s you have in your photos are the block cast #'s. The engine # stamped on the block should be at the very front of the block below that compressor, on the top edge of the timing gears caseing. Early COE engines had the # stamped across the back of the block just below the head although I think that by the time the Coolpowers came out all #'s were at the front. Other than that you will have to get the #'s from the emissions plate, on the block behind the fuel pump or the #'s on the fuel pump could translate to the correct engine. Hope this helps , Regards jeffro.
  11. If its a 6spd you'll only use Lo in first gear, then shift to Hi go thru 1 to 5. When you select rev, you have 5 reverse ratios.
  12. Hi, looks like an early 30's type 19 pumper, based on a Mack BK chassis, would be a 6 cyl eng. What a gem you have. Regards Jeffro.
  13. HI, I think the mounting is referred to as a pedestal, it is a cast steel pedestal. Its been around virtually unchanged since at least the L models, 1940 and maybe developed just before then. I think that was the only one until the inside frame mounted pedestal was produced, maybe around the time the B model was released and it appears this was the lightweight pedestal, it was also a cast steel unit used up till about mid 60's. Then came the fabricated pedestal which is also inside frame mounted and I think there was a heavyduty version also. I think the heavy cast pedestal was used up until about early 90's when airbag became the norm. Mack was using a camelback style spring on tandems in the mid 30's with a different pedestal arrangement. These are just my opinions based on my obsevations studying Macks. Hope this helps you, regards Jeffro.
  14. When the Maxidyne was released in 1967, it was rated at 237bhp, 906lb.ft. torque. To get that torque from a Cummins you had to go to about a 270 Cummins of 855 cu.in. The maxidyne was only 672 cu.in.
  15. Hi,what model truck do you have? Is your original air cleaner engine mounted or on the outside cowl mount or whateva? Why would it have to mount horizontally? What are you doing with the truck, i.e. a working truck earning its keep or just an old truck to drive and take to shows? Regards Jeffro
  16. I think the canister on the macks was WGB brand, they were on the early Maxidyne & C motor aswell. They stopped using them around 72 although it may have only been on 6 cyl engines at first. Mack called it ESI, extended service interval. jeffro
  17. AHHH! F Model V8, one of my favourites. One day I'll have one or two..
  18. Hey Super, I got a pair 6 mths ago, I hate them. But that DM, I had to look twice, cause I had Maxi V8 in my head because of the 865... Jeff
  19. Hi everyone, the shift plate for the 14 spd says to "use 5th in Hi-Split only" that equals 17. Maybe only use 1st in "Lo-Lo", that equals 14... but the plate does'nt say that. .Regards Jeffro.
  20. DM 865 SX ? I think 65 would be a cummins, a 237 would a DM 885, a GM would be DM 87x I think. Most Cummins engs are in the 6's. It could be a typo. Pretty early DM . There was only about 25 DM 865's built between 67 n 73... Regards Jeffro
  21. Hi Russ, I looked up some model #'s and found that a DM 845 is an NTC 335. Interestingly there is a DM 863 also with an NTC 335. I dont have spec sheets on either truck but the listing I have shows the tare weights different for each truck, the 863 weighing in heavier than the 845 by about 855lbs. Regards Jeff.
  22. Hi John, I think judging by what happened to the truck at the end of the movie that it was a wreck, and probably sold off as parts and srap. I guess thats what happened to the Peterbilt in 'DUEL' aswell. regards Jeff.
  23. Hi Mark, I bought a 237 from Gleemans and it was ex USA, it had no eng #, it was in really good nick, it was tilted and had rear mounted turbo and other parts which I'm sure came from an MC or something. That engine still runs nice and clean, it is in my tipper. Regarding that R with the V12, It was a 700, it had 2 hole steel Budds on the steer, I think they might have even been 24.5's.. Jeff .
  24. Hi, I'm pretty sure it is pure Renault. Regards Jeff.
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