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  1. Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

  2. Most people wouldn't understand, but this is great!

  3. ...is tired as a dog.

  4. 's been sick as a dog for 5 days now

  5. "I had to come back".."I know..."...

  6. "where's it at?"..."is it for sale?"..."somebody save it!"..."that's sad"..."the owner's probably an asshole!"

    Makes you not want to post pictures of anything you've seen. I don't know if it's for sale, who cares where it's at-you're not going to go there anyway-you can't "save" everything, it's not sad,and the owner is not an asshole.He's nice enough to let people look and take pictures, the owner is the owner and he could have scrapped everything or cut it up with a torch and left it laying...

    1. Bobby j

      Bobby j

      Very we'll said otherdog.......

    2. other dog

      other dog

      I put that on facebook, not referring to anyone on BMT. One guy even asked me if I could get him the bumper off an Emeryville...I guess he wanted me to sneak in there and steal it for him.

  7. 99 for today's high?!! wow!

    1. other dog

      other dog

      ...and 100% humidity-

      geez,it'll be hotter than Daingerfield here!

    2. randyp


      Outside condenser motor went out last night, I first suspected capacitor, but, alas, its motor itself, one those sealed lubed jobs, trying to locate motor now, getting the runaround though, AC people suck!

    3. randyp


      nope, had motor tested, it was capacitor, dual duty one, nobody had one, southern engineered and wired a single duty paralled with double duty and all is working now, total cost,,20 bucks, and a lot of head scratching on wiring

  8. back to the old grind

  9. been on vacation half a day now, feel like going back to work.

    1. randyp


      Well, maybe your not doing it right, start over and try harder

    2. mowerman


      ya,,come on now,vacations dont grow on trees lol.enjoy my friend.bob

    3. other dog

      other dog

      I'm trying...worked on my shed some today...feels strange to be sippin' the bud light on Monday though.

      Monday?!! Already?!!

      damn, vacations almost over!

  10. Cat just called-ol' double nickle is ready to go.

    1. Rob


      They'll see you next week as this one is short.

  11. cement mixer truck still wouldn't start.cranked up and ran 30 seconds or so and quit.

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    2. hatcity
    3. rhasler


      I bet the pirates/exporters emptied the fuel tank out.

    4. other dog

      other dog

      there's fuel in it,but I don't think it's making the trip from the tank.I'm gonna put a new filter on it next,acts like the pump lost it's prime.

  12. cleaned all my grill grates this morning-food prolly won't taste right for a while since I cleaned all that stuff off that looked like 5th. wheel grease-in fact,that's what I did with it,greased the 5th. wheel.

    1. randyp


      I guess I missed whatever you were offering apologies for, dammit, I would hate to have gotten offended and not even know it!

  13. crap!..it's snowing

    1. hatcity


      Sorry but you don't want to come here. Expecting a frost/freeze this week. Gonna ruin the mater plants!

  14. Dammit!.. shame a no class punk like brad keselowski takes Jeff Gordon out.

  15. Eric Areola won the race in Daytona... ended by rain, but a win is a win,eh?

    (that's Canadian)

  16. finally got computer working again.Had to run new cable from dish to modem,replaced modem too.now I gotta bury all the cable again.The repairman thinks lightning damaged the transmitter and cable. Didn't actually hurt the PC itself.

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    2. vision386


      Twas'nt easy! thank god for the spare Mr.Coffee!

    3. rhasler


      The one from the Delorean?

    4. other dog

      other dog

      ...as if anybody noticed I was missing...

  17. fine then,i'll just get out of the way.

  18. First Sunday I didn't have to work for a long time-think i'll go bag some cans.

  19. fortunately for everybody else,i'm leaving for Orchard Park in a few minutes.

    1. rhasler


      Well, just as long as we know where you're going and you're back by curfew I suppose you can go, just don't tell your mother I said you could go...

    2. rhasler


      and don't be associating with any o'them BMT hooligans, them boys is a bad influence!

    3. randyp


      Specially them thuggish,mafia type northeasterly ones!!!!

  20. Got a haircut this morning...head looks like a set of shaved monkey nuts.

    1. hatcity


      before or after the hair cut?

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