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  1. is off to Lynchburg to load for Warren,Ohio for Monday delivery.

  2. fine then,i'll just get out of the way.

  3. off to work again-but I ain't going nowhere 'til the bank opens!

    1. randyp


      hmmmm,,,my detective background tells me you must be a professional bank robber,,hmmmm

  4. cleaned all my grill grates this morning-food prolly won't taste right for a while since I cleaned all that stuff off that looked like 5th. wheel grease-in fact,that's what I did with it,greased the 5th. wheel.

    1. randyp


      I guess I missed whatever you were offering apologies for, dammit, I would hate to have gotten offended and not even know it!

  5. First Sunday I didn't have to work for a long time-think i'll go bag some cans.

  6. time to go to work...get home Saturday,leave Sunday...waah,waah,waah!

  7. I would have painted the roof of my shed today-it's supposed to be raining!

  8. Why not...OK, Hello there.

  9. I thought that Transtar on the trailer was one I used to drive,looks just like it,then I realized mine didn't have the vines on the front of it.

  10. great pictures,thanks for posting them.

  11. Well,happy birthday-I'm 51 myself.

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