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  1. Hi; First of all, I went to the wrong house for this entry. Now that I am in the right place, I can just blame the mixup on senility, so I will cary on....... I have just returned from a truck show in Upper Michigan, (UP) I had only heard about it last year after the show was over. I have chased this info down and I found that it is little known nationally and internationally. I made a point of being there to check it out this year. I certainly was not disappointed. It was the most relaxing atmosphere that I have seen at any show that I had attended. It was all outside in the open air, and FREE to attend, and that means parking too. It was a great show as far as I am concerned. I have documented, and created a page on my web site dedicated to this show. If you are interested, click on this page address and go direct. It was a fun trip, and if ever you get the chance, make it a point to ATTEND, and yes, there are Macks displayed. We just can't live without them. --- http://www.thedieselgypsy.com/Truck-Show.htm --- Take care; drive safe, --- Diesel Gypsy.
  2. Hi, my name is William (Diesel Gypsy) Weatherstone, I have helped to alleviate the crush of traffic, by pulling my truck off the road and retiring. Consider this as my small contribution to the traffic problem on all major highways, as well as any other local congested route. I am now retired to a life of leisure. If I feel that I am starting to miss all the rush hour bumper to bumper chaos, I'll just reach for a beer and turn on the TV traffic channel. All that mess just doesn't seem to bother me anymore; I can just sit here and watch it for hours, or better still, I can use the time to keep in touch through this new Big Mack Trucks forum. (Once I figure this system out.) I am now retired to the bush country of Northern Ontario, Canada. Take care; drive safe, --- Diesel Gypsy.
  3. Well Barry, it's going to take some time to figure out this photo uploading. I have tried 4 times and end up with nothing but errors. It could be that I am an old white haired senile retired truck driver. I just hope that I live long enough to at least get one photo on line. Down to my last breath, or (ounce of diesel fuel) I'll try right to the end. Take care; drive safe, --- Diesel Gypsy.
  4. Photos from a retired truckers past.
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