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  1. Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

  2. Most people wouldn't understand, but this is great!

  3. Lots more pictures from the truck show here-


  4. I think that's Randy V. Yardumian in the trench coat, holding extra small.

  5. Neat smoker- looks like something I would do.

  6. Sitting on the shoulder, waiting on a wrecker...it was a nice one!

  7. Wild turkey across the road, taken yesterday.

  8. I was motoring along, minding my own business...and half the right lane is gone! The New River Gorge is just over the guardrail, about an 800 foot drop to the bottom...

  9. Yesterday...time to get grilling! More boneless/skinless chicken thighs that I marinated in Teryaki, country style ribs, and some Italion sausages I bought last week that I figured i'd better cook.

  10. Random pics. this week...

  11. the secret revealed- Karen's world famous "home made" macaroni salad...

    1. vision386


      Whats the secret? I won't tell nobody

  12. This sucks, to the highest level of sucktivity. The road over here was so slick when I got home yesterday that I almost slid into the mailbox trying to turn into the driveway. Solid hard-packed snow. This morning it snowed more, making it that much slicker, then it started sleeting, making it that much more slickerer. And nary a salt truck, sand truck, or state truck of any kind has been seen...none. I pay my taxes just like everybody else!

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    2. 41chevy


      Don't hit my mail box, you'll need a new vehicle

    3. other dog

      other dog

      I don't know Paul, that Ranger might demolish that bulldozer!

    4. jdfordhd


      I love it when I don't see a salt truck..! Too many old Dogs have been "put down" because of the dreaded "salt virus". Every time I see a salt truck I can feel my frame spreading...!! LOL..!

  13. I saw a train...the next day I saw another train...

  14. Watching Highway Thru Hell...wow, very intense situations!

  15. Picked up a six pack of new-to-me beer at the store a while ago- Waterfront Blonde Ale. It was on sale and it had a pretty picture of a boat on it- nice, eh? No, it also has a horrible bitter aftertaste- kinda reminds me of a soy sauce, bleach, diesel fuel, and green persimmon mixture. I'm sticking with Anheuser-Busch from now on.

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    2. other dog

      other dog

      they wouldn't give me a free sample!

    3. Timothy Maikshilo

      Timothy Maikshilo

      Sounds like the boat is taking on water and they are bottling it!

    4. 41chevy


      probably came from the bildge of the pretty boat.

  16. Loading in McKees Rocks,Pa.

  17. It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.

    1. hatcity


      Yes it has. And thank you Tom for all your photo essays. Oh and the Winfall Wimmins

  18. Load I brought back from Marion, Ky. to Monroe, Va.

  19. "I had to come back".."I know..."...

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