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  1. There's no question -

    That is a very nice truck that they trust you with.

    Nice to see that you are keeping it clean and

    free of dents.

    Unless, of course, that's not really your truck in the photo.


    It's Jeff Moore's truck of course, but i'm the only wheel man on it. I've put over 250,000 miles on it in 2 years and 2 months. They have a man that comes to the shop on weekends and takes them down to the old concrete plant and washes them. He does a great job, he even cleaned the trailer with acid-looked like a new one!

  2. Don't get too choked up.

    Those were also the original colors

    of my truck.

    Still, I thought the thought meant something.

    It do, it do! Actually mine was solid red and I had the fenders painted black in honor of Old Bill, the Diesel Gypsy. Was gonna paint the top of the hood black too, but it has a couple of dents and I figured black would make them more noticable.

  3. I can't tell you how glad I am about the dog.

    I take my dogs more seriously than I do people.

    Dogs have never let me down. Those people who

    would turn in a dog for just being a dog really do not

    deserve a place in our society.

    Anyway - on a better note -

    The mixer looks fantastic.

    I'm going to paint my B-67 the same colors, just in honor of you.

    The wood in the charcoal for the salmon -

    Do you notice any difference in flavor when you use it?

    And the bacon and water were great ideas.

    You might have missed your true calling in life.

    Found a little bbq rib joint on Rte. 104 east of Williamson, NY

    that the locals tell me is second to none.

    Gonna have to make that trip.

    It's a typical rib place - a shack with some picnic tables

    outside. Gotta get there this month or next - before the snow.

    the water underneath was something else I saw on TV, the bacon strip was my idea, figured it couldn't hurt. Never did either before, but Jo said the ones I'd cooked before, just on the grill over direct heat, were a little dry so I tried something different and it came out great. And the wood gives it a great smoky flavor.

    I'm a dog lover too, and I was very upset about the dog. I still miss him, but i'm happy now that I know he's gonna be OK.

    And...in honor of me? I...I (sniffle) just don't know what to say :notworthy:

  4. at least that's an easy fix. just go to Wal-Mart and get some 25 lb. dumb bells. Start out doing about 15 reps curling them every morning and every evening. When you get where you can do 40 or 50 reps without breaking a sweat,pitch the dumb bells and use old brake drums instead. When you can do the brake drums 40 or 50 times you won't even notice it's got manual steering. Or you could power steering on it.

  5. I never trust anything that the Chinese smoke in their hookahs.

    And - you know what they say that Ginseng does to you. I'm waaay

    too old to be acting like that!!!!!!!

    Paul VS

    I thought that was a myth-maybe i'll do some online research so I can identify it and go on a ginseng hunt :lol:

  6. Tom,

    Ask around about the 4" exhaust pipe.

    I think it might be fairly easy to come by.

    I just asked a friend of mine with an older R model

    dump truck, when I noticed some new 4" pipe on his truck.

    He told me it was no problem getting it made up for him.

    Did you get your jaw healed up?

    Paul VS

    actually I found it's 3 1/2" pipe instead of 4" so Jimmy the mechanic took the old piece with him.He's gonna take it to a place in Appomattox that can bend up to 3 1/2" pipe and try to get a new one made. We sent Jeffrey to Powell's Truck and Equipment in Lynchburg to get a piece of 4" flex pipe and while he was gone we got 2 4" band clamps to connect the flex pipe and went over to the truck with them-that's when we discovered it was 3 1/2". I'd never measured it, just eyeballed it and assumed it was 4". You should never assume anything, and measure twice and cut once, and don't count your chickens while they're in one basket...or something.

    Yeah,my jaw's pretty good now,thank you. I guess-I took antibiotics for a week,but there's still a red place on my gum. Nothing hurts though,for the time being anyway.

  7. That is a good observation. For all of the strutting, posturing, and braggadocio. it appears that many people are not willing to call a turkey a turkey. It doesn't matter what color it's feathers are, if it looks like a turkey, walks like a turkey, and gobbles like a turkey, it's probably a turkey. I like turkey, but I would never have one over for dinner without first holding it's feet to the fire.

    Besides turkey season approaching, it ginseng season "actually no season for it" just everyone is on the look for it. Good point James.

    wish I had about a pickup truck load of ginseng. I wouldn't know it if I tripped over it,but people around here,or more up towards the mountains are always on the lookout for it-kinda like gold!

  8. Too bad about the emeryville, good score on the wheels though. Flexpipe should work fine. I say you would pay a pretty good price if you could find a piece with the right bend

    yeah,that's what I was thinking. Hate to take the easy way out,but it's probably my only choice. Well,I must be off to Chattanooga.

  9. Sounds like you had a pretty busy day. I checked out the pics and left a couple of comments. Don't worry about being tardy on your son's birthday, I'm sure he understands.

    the Emeryville was at Gary's too. I asked him if he was gonna restore it,and he said that was his first thought,but it was further gone than it looked so he's scrapping it. He did say I could have the wheels off it.

    And my exhaust pipe blew out yesterday,right at the bend where it turns up to the muffler. You can see a hole right behind the step in one of the pictures.By the time I got back to Concord you could stick your hand in it.Since there's probably none to be found with the right bends i'll probably have to put a piece of flex pipe on it. I don't know if any muffler shops around here can bend 4" pipe,or what it would cost.

  10. I unloaded in Cincinnati yesterday morning and sat at the place until after lunch before I got a load. Load of signs or something in Florence,Ky. going to Bedford,Va. I called Amber about the load details at 1:30,but she hadn't worked out the logistics with her customer yet,so she said she'd call me back.When she hadn't called at 3:00 I called headquarters back and told them I didn't know what was going on,but I had to leave the place where I unloaded because they were about to close the gate. Todd said she had just called him and said the load wouldn't be ready until today. He said it didn't pay enough to lay a truck over for,and for me to head this way.Got home about 1:00 am.

    Today's load is more like it! Gotta go to Orlando,unload sometime tomorrow,come back to Brunswick,Ga. and load a load of pipes Thursday going to Kyanite Mining in Dillwyn to deliver Friday.

  11. :angry:

    I had to go get a second TV - it was the only way!

    So much for being king.

    The pork loin sounds great. And it's too bad you're so

    friggin old that your teeth are leaving, and you can't enjoy it.

    Ship it up - I'll take of it for you.

    Seriously though - don't wait around to get that mouth looked at.

    Infection moves pretty fast and it can be a real problem if it really

    settles in to the jaw.

    Hope you feel better.


    :angry: ,and :( ...and :unsure:

    last week it was a sore throat,then Wednesday night coming back from Ga. I had one of the worst headaches i've ever had, now the gum situation...ain't been sick in years,hope i'm making up for that,instead of signs of things to come. :wacko:

  12. Sometimes we forget that we actually can do something about "the

    way things are". We don't have to take it all the time.

    And it's really easier than anybody thinks.

    One of the founding premises of the Declaration of Independence

    was that we have the right, and indeed, the duty to change any government

    that becomes oppressive or overbearing.

    It gets harder to do when the majority of people seemingly don't care.

    But at least we can take some satisfaction in knowing that there are some of us

    who are willing to do something to solve the overlying problem.

    That Sloppy Joe part of it sounds pretty good too.

    you pretty much hit the nail on the head when you said most people don't seem to care. And those sloppy joes are pretty tasty.

  13. yep, I knew that. And the national debt is in the trillions of dollars already. That's trillions,with a "T". Everybody wants something for nothing,wants the gummint to provide everything for them,not even thinking,or not caring that SOMEBODY's got to pay for all the gov't. handouts-namely US,the taxpayers. I get fuel at Kwik-Fill in Northeast,Pa. every time I go to Orchard Park. Sometimes I get two sloppy joes too.

    J.F.K. was a democrat and he said "ask not what your country can do for you,but what you can do for your country..." Somewhere along the line things took a 180 degree turn-now the democrat party nominee just promises everybody the moon at government expense,and i'm sure the biggest tax increase in the history of the world will soon follow.

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