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Out Of Touch



Looks like I'll have to leave for a while in the interest

of making money.

I'm going to Texas on Sunday and expect to be working there

for a month or more.

Part of our business is writing estimates for the repair of

damaged buildings. Especially larger damages and historical structures.

And, after a careful polling of our qualified people, (all three of them)

all of whom must be better at winning arguements than I am -

guess who gets to go to Texas to look at hurricane damages?

It may take me a little while to get the lay of the land -

but rest assured - if I can, I will be out scouting for trucks and

trucks parts, too.

I'll be starting in Houston on Monday. Probably coming home two

weeks later. Then going back to Houston, Galveston or Beaumont,

depending on where the losses that are contested are located.

Won't be doing too much posting for a while. Mostly, I'll be brushing

up on my "standing in line at the airport" skills.

And brushing up on my Tex-Mex eating skills.


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Airport? Thought I might see you on the road somewhere, but if you're gonna be flying it's not too likely. I'll look up periodically anyway.

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Just got into a really stinky, moldy hotel in the Galleria area of Houston.

At least my wireless service works.

Ah Well - two weeks of uninterrupted joy and happiness. Can't wait.

On a good note - I did get the B-61 I posted about a few days ago.

And I found a beautiful stainless Fruehauf tandem axle trailer about 32',

probably about late 40's or early 50's. I'm working hard on buying that.

It's the perfect trailer behind a single axle B Mack.

The B-61 is all around pretty solid, but the front fenders need attention.

They are certainly fixable, but new ones wouldn't hurt either. The truck

is really complete, and the chrome and trim is in great shape. Floors are solid,

and the cab mounts look good. We haven't tried to run it yet, but I don't

think it will have any major problems.

It isn't my intention to keep this, as it is basically the same use to me

as my B-67, which is pretty far into the restoration process. So, I will

be looking for reasonable offers on the truck. Or maybe a trade for something.

The real idea behind this purchase was to keep the old girl from the crusher.

Everybody have a good week!

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