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Excerpts From The Way It Used To Be



Coachella, CA circa 1993




During the busy part of the soft fruit season I ended up with both trucks in Los Angeles.

These pictures were taken at Rip Griffins truck stop in Coachella.


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Actually Tom, you didn't miss it by much. At the time. I was short a driver and I had talked a friend with very little over the road experience into making the trip. We were both loaded with frozen chicken, for Safeway in LA. After unloading I sent him back to Banning to wait, and went to Salinas, loaded a straight load of lettuce for Alpharetta Ga. I got to Banning about midnight, woke him up, swapped trailers, sent him on his way, and went back toward Bakersfield to pick up a mixed load with several pickups. The odds at the time were that I would beat him back to Alpharetta. It didn't happen though. I had too many pickups, and he was in a hurry to get home. He also had his wife with him, which hampered his ability to trash around.

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No Paul I don't. I sold the last of my big rigs in 95, pulled a flat for a local Co. in Blairsville Ga. for about 8 months, then bought a 359 Pete from a company here in Blueridge. I gave too much for the truck, because it had a job to go with it. Pulled an end dump for about 4 years, at the same time rebuilding the truck from stem to stern. Dump trucking was pretty strong here at that time so I bought a T-800 heavy spec tractor and built a tandem dump. I spent $42,000 building it, ran it 6 years and sold it for $36,000. I wasn't going to do much at all, then I saw a 1973 RS700L on TruckPaper.com. I couldn't stand not having it, so I bought it over the phone. That's a story in it's self if anybody's interested.

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Good looking freightliners James. I always liked both those style freightliners, I always wanted one like the truck Rick Yemm drove in the 1st season of ice road truckers. Sounds like you done good on the T-800 though. I've heard the story about the Mack, but always good to hear it again in my opinion. I can set and listen to old truck stories, or new anytime. My uncle charles drove truck for almost 50 yrs. so he can tell some good stories. Have a good one fellars....

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I like the one with the 2 piece windshield-some of the best looking trucks ever.I always liked the looks of the Freightliners in the '70s and '80s, cabovers too.

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Where you at Bollwevil, I heard some of that story, but would like to hear the full one........ lol... Just messin with ya bud........but, seriously

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