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Gone To Ohio

other dog


It's been nice running south for a while,but now i'm headed to Cincinnati.I have no energy...none. Just feel tired all the time. It said on the antibiotics prescription I got that that was one of the side affects. I didn't have a lot of energy to start with with the infected gum-waited a week too long to do anything,now i'm paying for it.


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Just take it easy and do what the doctor says.

If that doesn't sound like your mother - I don't

know what does.

But it's the right thing to do, if you want to get better.

Have a good week.

Paul VS

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I unloaded in Cincinnati yesterday morning and sat at the place until after lunch before I got a load. Load of signs or something in Florence,Ky. going to Bedford,Va. I called Amber about the load details at 1:30,but she hadn't worked out the logistics with her customer yet,so she said she'd call me back.When she hadn't called at 3:00 I called headquarters back and told them I didn't know what was going on,but I had to leave the place where I unloaded because they were about to close the gate. Todd said she had just called him and said the load wouldn't be ready until today. He said it didn't pay enough to lay a truck over for,and for me to head this way.Got home about 1:00 am.

Today's load is more like it! Gotta go to Orlando,unload sometime tomorrow,come back to Brunswick,Ga. and load a load of pipes Thursday going to Kyanite Mining in Dillwyn to deliver Friday.

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