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Still Moving



Still packing and hauling stuff to the new shop.

Spent today sorting and packing up hand tools.

Most of the big pieces are all gone, except the steel

benches and the steel sheets and pieces for fabricating.

The crane's all down and loaded. The trucks are all moved.

Time to re-organize and decide what goes where in the new space.

I'm really looking forward to it. This should be a more permanent

arrangement than we had, so we are planning to really set up a

nice, workable shop, rather than treating it as a temporary area,

like we have been doing.

I've been thinking about my project list and the order for completion.

The B-67 is first, then I'm thinking about my little Ford Golden Jubilee tractor,

which shouldn't need too much except cosmetics. Then probably the R-600, just

because it only needs some body work. Along with those things, I need to get my

little lowboy trailer cleaned up and painted, and new tires installed.

That pretty much accounts for the next year. Then we'll see what comes next.

Probably the H-63. I just today was given a running END-673 which gives me

more replacement options for the bad engine in that truck.

I can only concentrate on one project at a time, but it's good to look ahead

to gather the pieces required for the next project.

Speaking of tires - Tom (Other Dog), have you used any of the take-off tires

from your company before?

I'm thinking that's a great idea for the R-600. It needs to switch to tubeless radials

and won't get any real miles. It's not a show truck so new rubber isn't really

necessary. Thought I'd ask around up here and see what I can scrounge up.


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naw,i'm still waiting on tires myself-we got plenty of tires,but I need to accumalate 4 more wheels. I can check on used tires for you though,and put them on the next load going to Orchard Park.

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If it could work out - I'd be happy to pay for the tires.

The R model will need 22.5" tubeless rubber. It's got

11.00 x 20" on it now.

I prefer a light lug tire on the drives, and something pretty

decent on the steer axle.

Remember, it's only a single axle tractor.

I'm going to have to scrounge up wheels, too. But I think

I can get them pretty easily.


Paul VS

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I noticed lots of cameras on the roads around Fishers on Google Earth,like they've got street view or something...not that I ever look at Fishers or anything,but if you were to disclose your exact location I could spy on you better :D

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Why do you think we moved to the back of the building?

The exact location is Pooler Park, Cty. Rd. 42, Fishers, NY 14453

A-HAH!..now I gotta go find that trench coat,double billed hat,and pipe before I go looking.

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