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  1. For some reason I can't load photos tonight. It did come out nice, though. I'll try later.
  2. Color!! Finished the top covers and got everything sealed up and re-gasketed. Primed it with etching primer and just finished the second coat.
  3. I thought of making it out of three separate pieces, probably would have been faster., then welding it together. I was concerned about the strength of doing so and having it fail later. I originally thought of making it 3/8" thick, but opted to go to 1/2" as I proceded. It was also the challenge to design and fabricate it that really motivated me to take this path. Having a Bridgeport in the shop and the background to use it helps a lot. Biggest thing though, I'm having a ton of fun putting this truck back on the road.
  4. I'm trying to make some concessions to improving the truck while I'm restoring it, like the spin on filters. Another is converting to an alternator. Picked up a 100 Amp Delco that was new, but searched high and low for a bracket with no luck. Drew one up and found a $10, 12 lb. piece of scrap at the local steel yard. Thought this would be a quick project, but it took two days to whittle it down to under two lbs. to a working bracket. But, it's done. A snowed in Winter weekend helped, too.
  5. On to the transmission. Rebuilt this in 2005, bearings,seals. Replaced the bell housing with a steel one, the original was cracked and was welded and cracked again, when I got it. Working on the clutch linkages now. All the pivot points are egged out from use. Welded them up yesterday and remachined the ends to tighten everything up. Just have to finish them and the top covers before paint.
  6. Kenny was a great guy. Amazing math wiz, he could do axle ratios in his head. He always kept that tractor spotless. Matt ended up with most of Kenny's stuff, '65 B-81 Dump and a unrestored B-61 tractor. I made several trips with him and the other guys from CT when I first started restoring trucks. He was always good company.
  7. About 95% done with the 220 after today. Just a few things to get/finish, then on to the transmission for paint.
  8. Final round of paint today for the Cummins. Getting all the bits and pieces painted that I removed to paint the block was a lot more tedious than painting the block.
  9. Love this style of the B Model, really my favorite. I have both and there's just something about the lines of the cab, high radiator, fenders and aluminum step tanks that really does it for me. It does seem that the rounded B cab was more durable, though. Maybe the rounded design took the vibrations/stress better. construction seems simpler and has less parts than the L. The L still wins it for me, more head room, slightly longer, bigger windows and really good ventilation. Three cowl vents and two back corner vents for airflow. Just a really sharp combination of both series.
  10. It's good to have the right equipment when you're fabricating/modifying things. A little machine work to modify the Cummins brackets to accept the new filters.
  11. All I have is the original manifold. Love to find a back drop or a split manifold for it. If anyone has a lead on one or one they'd let go, I'd be willing to talk? i seldom see them available.
  12. Fabricated the oil lines today and updated the filters to spin-ons. Plus a little machine work to the original Cummins brackets so they would fit.
  13. It was a good day in the barn!! First application of color since I've owned it. Starting to gain some momentum. Looking to get some of the smaller, time consuming jobs done so I can concentrate on the big pieces when the weather improves.
  14. Making progress. Finally got the back of the engine done. Replaced the rear main seal and put a Speedy sleeve on the journal to cover a groove from the old seal. replaced the bell housing, swapped the flywheel from single to double disk. Then installed a new clutch I've had since about 2005. Dial indicated everything and run-outs were all well within tolerances, so no re-doweling the alignment pins on either the bell housing or flywheel, thankfully. Stripped some more components off the block and spent all day yesterday cleaning and prepping the block for paint
  15. I would agree with Brocky. Look at it and give a good offer, see where it goes.
  16. $12K for that doesn't seem bad at all. Concerns would be it's overall/underlying condition. Engine would be a big one for condition and then the rest of the running gear. How are they for condition and assembly? The cab sheet metal condition for rust and damage? How's the bed structurally? Rust and damage/warping? Hydraulics, leaks, pistons and hoses? It does look really nice and most issues seem cosmetic. That set up is really nice and I've had a similar truck I built/restored for over twenty years now. Probably the most useful "toy" I have. Moved so much stuff over the years I've lost count. If it's a sound truck I don't see it to be a bad price at all.
  17. I'll look around. They have a yard in town on RT 71 with a few pieces of equipment still in it, there's a Ford compressor truck for sale here also. A steel nose R dump that's also still in use. The Company garage was razed recently to expand the rail station. Are you looking to contact them? I'll see what I can find out.
  18. I wondered where that went. Aiudi was in my town, over by the Berlin RR Station. It's a parking lot now. They had several B's and a Autocar dump that sat around for years and never moved. wonder where the B's went?
  19. Yes, Same pics from there. Power steering and power brakes. Very pleasant to drive, except for the mileage.
  20. And the reason for the delay was all this work, over the last six months to the Cadillac. Looking to get the same results on the B-73.
  21. Well, had to delay this year in making some progress. Spent the time getting my Father's '41 Cadillac back on the road. Cleaned and re-organized the shop for the truck. Moved the NH-220 out so I can clean and paint it yesterday afternoon/evening.
  22. Really neat find. Would look awesome all restored with all it's original equipment back on, Very unique. Anyone notice the portal above the driver's seat to watch the overhead machinery?
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