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  1. Here are the pencil gears I have. Some are shot but the shafts are good and vice versa. I only have one spiral drive that pretty worn. Shouldn't be too hard to find another from a donor. Let me know what you need.
  2. It may be. If the cable, speedometer head and connections all check, then I would suspect the pencil gear or spiral drive. The pencil gear is really easy to pull and check.
  3. If the cable checks Ok, sometimes there's an adapter to interface with the "pencil" gear drive. Check that and make sure that everything locks and drives together. If all that is good, I would suspect the pencil gear and the spiral drive on the tail shaft of the transmission. The pencil gear is pretty easy to get at. Back off the bushing where the speedometer cable attaches, the small shaft should lift out with a little effort. I've had those eaten up by the spiral drive. If it's the spiral drive, that's going to be a little tougher to get at if it's bad. I have several pencil gears and spiral drives I've collected up to fix issues I've had. If that pencil shaft is bad, the gear can be pressed off and put on a good shaft to keep the speedometer accurate or at least working. Let me know if you need one and I'll get it to you. I'll take some pics of them tonight.
  4. I have the same set-up as Freightrain, 237 with a double over Triplex. Very happy with it, big improvement from the 673 I had, Also running 1500-2100 and skipping gears when needed. Only issue...I miss the bark of the 673, much quieter at cruise though.
  5. Really nice job!! That's going to look great going down the road.
  6. Yes, there is another piece that I had just removed on the passenger side.
  7. Since I finished my three winter projects (engine, transmission & radiator) and there's still snow on the ground, I figured I'd continue assessing the cab. I was able to get some time in before work and remove the doors. This cab had some previous damage to the back panel and the repair work was horrible. The lower panel and rear window panel were factory replacements and were also barely attached. Once you open up the cab, it's pretty simple construction. before I remove anything else, I'll cross brace everything to prevent shifting.
  8. Made my modifications to the actuator arm for the shutters, so now they work as advertised. Missed the minor difference in late vs. early style shutters, in that there's about 1 1/2" difference in height for the arm follower which caused the interference. Anyway, really happy with how the radiator turned out and can't wait to have in mounted up!! Into storage for now, though. Moved the cab out to reset the dolly under late yesterday and to assess it a bit. This, without a doubt, will be the biggest headache of this project. I have many donor parts from a L-cab fire truck a friend gave me years ago. I salvaged many good parts from it as it had no bottom frame work. From the cowl up was in good shape and I carefully removed the gutters, roof cap and sub frame and the windshield area. Planning on starting that this fall. Frame work is next, as soon as the snow melts and I can move the frame up to the front of the barn.
  9. Radiator Monday. It's complete, just need to modify a bracket for the shutters. I'll tighten everything again before it goes in. I'll leak check it when the weather warms too.
  10. Almost 20 years of gathering up the shop equipment!!
  11. Plus I got a little done tonight after work. Back side complete, shutters tomorrow.
  12. I used one for a while, very noisy. Had to wear ear plugs or muffs to concentrate. Plus, it's hard to regulate the temp. This setup is great, turn it on set the temp, turn it off and walk away.
  13. I now have a "Hot Dawg" heater mounted to the ceiling above my glass bead cabinet. Heats up the shop very quickly and pretty cheap to run. Even when it's frigid out it works well. Runs on propane. Started off with a wood stove that was there when I bought the place years ago. Too much mess and work with it, plus the hazard. Really like this heater, come home turn it on, go inside change go back out and it's warm enough to work.
  14. I do it out of reflex, you leave a room, you turn off the lights. The nights I've come home to find every light in the house blazing away only to find one person home!!
  15. Have to work this weekend, so barn time is limited. But got some hours in Friday night on the radiator. I forgot how complex this one is in terms of assembly. I took this apart quite some time ago for inspection and to get a new core for it. Had to send several pieces out for some repairs and welding. I swapped out all the hardware for stainless steel. When I opened the boxes I found a receipt from 2002!! Where the hell did that time go? Seems like a short time ago I ordered it. Any way, it's getting done now.
  16. It's super high tech- a 20" box fan in the back window, sometimes a second one in the next window. Works OK, unless it's windy. Saturday the wind spun it backwards and the blew it out of the sill. Had to close it all up, so there was a little more mess in the shop. I've been using my smaller gun on these parts, my 1 qt. gun would put out a lot more overspray.
  17. Suzio has some really nice stuff. Their yard in Meriden is packed with old L and B mixers, and a lot of other stuff. Amazing!
  18. More primer and paint!! Getting a lot of this tedious little stuff done while the weather keeps me inside. Etch primed all the transmission and radiator pieces. Painted the radiator tanks silver, after etch priming. Did all the interior areas silver where you can't reach, to cover the raw aluminum to prevent corrosion, the exterior surfaces will be polished.
  19. For some reason I can't load photos tonight. It did come out nice, though. I'll try later.
  20. Color!! Finished the top covers and got everything sealed up and re-gasketed. Primed it with etching primer and just finished the second coat.
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