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  1. After Further research I think I'm going to try loctite plastics bonding system. I'll update.
  2. I have a hairline crack in reservoir. Anybody ever try cement or glue to repair and if so what brand. Looking at different types making my head spin. Also what material is tank made from ( I'm guessing some kind of poly) thanks. 2015 gu713
  3. Try taking fuel cap off when you park next. If this solves problem then you have fuel draining back to tank could be as simple as clogged vent.
  4. Yeah, doesn't make me feel any better that it seems to be a common problem. I was kind of hoping mine was an exception and new parts would fix. 3 in 1 oil seems to do the best but have to apply everyday. I'll try the other suggestions, thanks.
  5. I have a pair of durabrights 9x22.5 that I had accidently put brightener on and the finish came off. They could possibly polish out nicely. I would let these go for $200. Near Pitt. Pa.
  6. The exhaust mount on the cab (above and behind the passenger door) on gu713 just chirps all the time, Ive tried wd40, liquid wrench silicon, and 3in1 oil. Any ideas. Also windshield washer fluid does not spray all the way to the ends of wipers. Can this be adjusted?
  7. Just under 10k miles will probably finish off my first 55 gal drum a little over 10k. Mp8 445 with Allison getting 5.1 5.2 mpg.
  8. I just got mine about a month and a half ago. Went from 06 Volvo 460 13 speed to 2015 gu713 445 with allison. Absolutely love it. I went to Allison dealer and had them reprogram downshifting from 6-4 to 6-6, in other words it would go right from 6th to 4th on engine brake (almost put you through the windshield), now it stays in every gear down to about 1100 rpm unless I downshift manually then it is about 300 rpm sooner. Also under load it downshifts by rpm and throttle position in other words if you are pulling a hill with your foot to the floor it will downshift sooner than if you are running at say 75%, very helpful if you are just about to the top ease up on throttle and let current gear take it up and over. Fuel milage went from 5.3 in Volvo to 5.0 in mack. Run app. 360 miles daily def consumption is 2 to 2.5 gallons daily. Seems to do a passive regen about every 2500. No active regents at 7800 miles.
  9. Anybody using Evans waterless coolant, www.evanscooling.com ?
  10. I appreciate the replies, I was probably thinking along the same lines that this generation of emmissions is to be avoided. Even under warranty down time is money out of pocket. Probably wait another year or so to see if the def trucks are going to be reliable. ...I think I'll go buy a new pick-up for now.
  11. Just wanted to get some opinions on the motors of this generation of emmissions. Want to trade up but not all the way to a brand new one. 160k for new triaxle dump seems a bit too steep, 100k for something around '09-'10 does too but it would be manageable. Have '06 Volvo now pretty happy with it except egr valves every now and then.
  12. Mackpro68 This is real easy to check if you have an 18. While in any low range gear, shift the range splitter to high and then you should be able to split that gear. The lockout in the gear shift works off of the range spitter, (heard tell you could take it apart and file the lock off, don't know for sure).
  13. How about some numbers on the fuel mileage difference in comparably equipped trucks. Also how does the auto perform compared to standards on climbing a long grade. I'm sold on the auto just dont want to lose big mpg.
  14. Don't know what happened to my previous reply so if this happens to be redundant please forgive me. Have you considered using a steer axle from a 4 wheel drive? I realize what you were saying about dumping the air but not lifting the axle, it seems to me thats just asking for trouble the first time you high center that axle the only thing thats going to prevent it from rising is either the frame or the tires hitting the body.
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