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    1962 Willys pu, 1970 Chevy pu, 1980 Chevy, 1985 S-10 pu, 1988 Dodge D-50 pu, an a Int. TD-9 trackloader Looking for a Model-B with 5th wheel and tandams, a 5 ton 6x6 muti fuel.
  1. Welcome to BigMackTrucks.com. We are sure glad you found this site too.
  2. Welcome to BigMackTruck.com
  3. Welcome to BigMackTrucks.com. I'm for Little Joe as well.
  4. Look good. It will be a super when it's done. I've been loking for one just like your. I saw one on ebay last year, but miss out on it.
  5. Welcome 2 BigMackTrucks.com from other Pennsylvania.
  6. Welcome 2 BigMackTrucks.com. I was in Branson, Missouri in 2006 for 6 months. Been thing of moving there.
  7. Welcome to the site, nice 61-b. Like to see more pic of it.
  8. Welcome To the site' great story, like to see some pictures
  9. Otherdog It sounds good But it depens on were it is from Tyler Hill, PA. Thank You
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