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  1. Went to the Mack dealer with the Truck and found out that the Vehicle computer had never been programmed (people before me long story) but they programmed it and memory works along with Speedo and EML is off.
  2. yes it has no emissions, but does have eups
  3. I have a 2004 MR that has a 5-1 blink code fmi 13 out of calibration. I have calibrated it manually and with 2 different laptops.The calibration is fine until you turn off the key, then you have to recalibrate because the rpms are limited to 1400. I have tried going into the truck using may vmack software, no matter what I do weather it is set the clock or turn off the idle shut down I press save and exit, cycle the key , go back in and everything has went back to what it was before I changed it. Engine and vehicle computers replaced with new still same problem.
  4. the motor and trans can be pulled together i am hoping
  5. I am pulling the motor and trans out of a b model. The cab and hood is removed,I work on new red motor Macks so any guidence from you old school fellors would be greatly appriciated.The engine is ok just pulling restore the frame and motor paint.
  6. one mp8 with idler gear come apart and an mp8 with a broken crank fells like monday

    1. Mackpro


      Wow, sounds like you have your hands full. It's been over a week waiting for my pistons and liners for a MP7.

  7. did you check warranty at your local dealer we fix alot of them were i work
  8. Alright this my sound like a dumb question, But these names like puppy poster what do they mean? I have look for it on the sight somewhere and I can't find it.
  9. I am sure if this will help but, it might possible be an injector leaking down, or there is the posibility of a computer problem, now I know that sound crazy but, we have one in the shop now that is doing the same thing the tech swapped the computer on the side of the motor and it started right up.
  10. Well, weather you drive the new red motor crap or work on the red motor crap it's still crap.Fault codes on VMAC IV don't mean anything,if it has a code for injector #3 it is not going that one thats bad,if you get a turbo code it might be the Nox sensor. Premium tech tool now there is more crap, worked on a truck that PTT showed no boost pressure so I did all the test that it recommended, 2 hours later changed laptops, used Vads found boost pressure was fine,figure that out. For example lets use the boost pressure PTT will give you a whole ration of test to go through but the end result is going to tell you to replace the sensor.Even if you enter open circult when prompt to check continiuity,it still says to replace the sensor.Sorry,did'nt mean to go on like that but,if you deal with it you understand.
  11. Welcome, just wanted to throw my hand up,and say HOWDY.
  12. Hey I appreciate the welcome and I sure am enjoying shooting it with yall. I been waiting for someone to tell me to stop typing.I don't know much about old Macks,but if I can help anyone with a red motor,I will do my best.
  13. thought i might introduce myself, i am big jim i am not a mack owner or driver. i am a mack mechanic been pulling wrenches for about 14 years. i work at a mack dealership,where i work mainly on mp7s and mp8s.
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