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  1. the trucks along turnpike i am pretty sure belong to ed zeigler he used to be in garbage disposal buisness i believe he retired and still livies in slateington
  2. ridge cup building is still there 309south just past rt443
  3. anyone remember ridge cup truck stop rt309 south tamaqua pa building still there got to be closed close to 53 54 years
  4. vinny this truck is used to jockey trailers at there spring and suspension shop they owned this truck a couple of years if i remember correctly they traded it on a b model to overnite transport out of lehighton pa
  5. take your window out and match hole in sleeper leave lip on sleeper cut out and it clips on they come in 2 different widths
  6. air ride cab no problem measure distance between cab and sleeper plus lenth and overlap star class 800 422 2865 ask for gene ellwood city pa
  7. Hey Rudy. We live near allentown Pa and we think we might be able to help you out. We just need to know the overall width of your old cross member. You can call me at 610-739-2562. My name is Joe.
  8. No i didn't get it the door was locked and there was bees everywhere
  9. What model is the trans? Also what is the final drive number in 18th?
  10. sorry vinny but I didn't get it. My email is jplaksa@yahoo.com
  11. If your still intrested I have a new set that was never mounted on a hood. You can call me at 610 739 2562. Joe
  12. 2 bucket seats sitting on the floor fix that problem
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