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  1. BAD DOG, The other thing I didn't mention is that I also had to go with short stacks in order to get through my 10' garage door. When I built the garage 5 years ago, I had only the B61 and B815 (with 864 V8), and 10' was a convenient height. But now the Superliner needs to live in there during the winters, so I went with short stacks - which means that the outlets are only about a foot and a half above the top of the cab windows. I have the same single 5" pipe running under the cab, then I went through a Y and ran horizontally out to the sides and through 90 elbows to vertical all in 5", then got stacks that start at 5 but expand to 6. They're only 5' long, so maybe the combination of short length, expansion in the stack itself, and low outlet height makes a difference. What was your 866 in, and how did you mount and plumb those pipes? I'm thinking of putting duals on the B815 someday. There was a guy at the Auburn, Indiana ATHS show back on 2005 who had a nice setup on his B815, but I didn't pay enough attention to how he had mounted the non-standard stack on the driver's side. My first step will be to put on the single 4" straight pipe that came off my B61 when I switched it to duals back on '05, but I don't think I'll be satisfied with that forever.
  2. I bought my Superliner just for the sound of the E9...it's only the 400 HP version (it's a 1980), but I converted it to dual 6" straight pipes last winter and how it's actually a little too loud. But I want to go back to the posting that Barry made in 2006, about the Ford (International, dammit, not Ford!) "Powerstroke" engines - they really do have the same stuttering sound of an E9 when under mild load at relatively low RPMs. I haven't gotten around to looking up the firing orders, but I'm thinking that's where the similarity starts.
  3. Joe - yes, I'd like to talk. I just left you a voicemail but if it doesn't get through please all me sometime at 203 731 4663. I'm in the Albany area, so EDT, and 7-9AM or 5-9:30 PM is generally best.
  4. I have a Superliner with E9 and I want to add V8 emblems on the hood - does anyone have any? Drop me an email at sjma@ieee.org if I don't respond to posting here promptly.
  5. Name: RWS721LST Date Added: Owner: JohnCArnold JohnCArnold
  6. Name: B815 Date Added: Owner: JohnCArnold JohnCArnold
  7. Name: B61 Date Added: Owner: JohnCArnold JohnCArnold
  8. Thanks guys! I understand the B model naming scheme reasonably well, but I'm new to the R's and the Superliners I saw advertised didn't seem to have a clear pattern - some were 721's, some were 713's, and a lot of them were listed as 613's - and the engines were all over the map. For example, I just went back to http://www.trucktotruck.com/ and it's showing RW's of: Rw613 Rw712ls RW713 Rw733 Rw753 Rwl766ls Rwl766lst Rwl770 Rws754lst Rws788st RW713 is the most popular category, and the listings under it have engines from E6-300 to E9-500. I have also noticed that a lot of the 500's I looked at were 13's - was "13" the code for the E9-500, and people have swapped down to sixes over the years?
  9. And, for that matter, I would like to know what on earth "RWS721LST" means!
  10. I have one each of the first model V8's: I have a 1964 B815 with the naturally aspirated 864 in it, and last month I bought a 1980 RSW721LST Superliner with the 400 HP version of the E9. And I would love to have more information on either engine. John - please let us know where and when your article is published!
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