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  2. This is how a truckmaker wastes their sales marketing budget. .
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  4. Do you do a lot of farming Paul? What do you have for crops? I don't farm, just always been interested in it. I live about an hour away from a lot of farm land. Hay and dairy is big here. When i was a kid I grew up beside a Massey Ferguson dealer. My main crop is snow, LOL. I'll have to go do some reading up on Chamberlain tractors.
  5. Freightliner Trucks Press Release / May 23, 2019 . . . . . . .
  6. Autocar Trucks Press Release / April 25, 2019 This Autocar truck was THE garbage-collecting machine in the 1980s. You could see it for years, roaming the streets of Manhattan, packing and hauling that big city trash. There’s nothing out there today as good as this brute. Yet. Time to get back to work. .
  7. This how it looks like.the big belt is missing in this image.the belt shreds from the inside part (where arrow for number 4 is pointing)
  8. That would work for sure but I've not seen one in eons. Lot more 1241's around here in years gone by.
  9. Did the new cups fix the problem?
  10. Yeah my 98 with 50000 pound rears didn't have them this truck has 46000 pound rears .
  11. the first two sets of belts I bought since Monday were a combination of Pai brand and gates.today I bought original bulldog parts and same result.i just caught it earlier
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  13. And don't get lazy when tapping the copper sleeve and not go all the way thru. Ask me how I know. Had to pull the head for that mistake.
  14. Understood. That's a weird serpentine setup, I would have expected crank, water pump, alternator and tensioner to be together and the AC to be on it's own, driven by the fan/water pump. Are you buying belts from the dealer or cheap Napa belts? Napa is fine for cars etc but they're sh*t for trucks IMHO.
  15. They probably installed wrong size ones, from a lighter Camelback. I'd bitch because it's a new truck. Older versions of Camelback don't use them. Our 79 R model doesn't use those #7 or the sideways torque arm to the frame. Has rubber trunion bushings and the axles walk as much as 8 inchs out of alignment from each other.
  16. The cv uses two belts.wide belt only goes from crankshaft to fan pulley and is has it's own tensioner.the thin belt runs the water pump , alternator , ac compressor and it goes thru an idler pulley and it's driven by the fan pulley .so just undoing the ac would render the belt two long
  17. To clarify, as I'm not real familiar with CV's, the thin belt is to the air conditioner from the fan? Separate from the serpentine belt? Take the belt off the AC for a day (driver will hate me) and see if the serpentine belt holds up. AC is a creature comforts, not mandatory. Engine water pump and fan spinning are mandatory.
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