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  1. One more point I'll throw out there . Graniteso ate nice trucks but alot of municipality and states use them so certainly not a truck that has much "sex appeal" for lack of a better term. Certainly no competion for a W900 or western star 4900 ex or 389 Pete all of which are available with 20k lb front axles and heavy duty double frames and up to 600 hp . Something mack doesn't have now on the vocational side . Heavy haulers like big flashy trucks not the same one as the state is plowing snow with
  2. Yeah like I said before why not make the titan with available mp8 or cummins 15 liter like volvo is doing doesn't make sense . The other thing is I think the d16 /mp10 was the best of mp line for reliability the 13 liter had more issues according to the mechanic we bring our trucks to we have had far less problems than than the mp8 's he works on.
  3. Odd . I remember back in 2000 my dad bought a CH tractor and salesman talked him into a mack 18 speed instead of the fuller how things change . Although the same salesman wanted us to get mack 18 speeds in the titans . I guess it depends on the dealer. ??
  4. If I were you I'd go all mack components . Make them build you at least a half real mack in a few years you might not be able to get them
  5. We could never figure out why the one we had went so good we bought the truck used and it was well used when we got it . It had a 12"speed and 4.42 gears. We actually de tuned it when we hired a new driver in it lol
  6. I hear guys complaining all the time about cummins but they keep buying them !
  7. CL from 03 to 07 cummins isx . Mack should of kept making titans with the new x15 . They'd probably sell more than the mp10 .
  8. We had a 87;superliner with a e6 350 that was putting out 425;or more thing would fly . The engine held up good it would eat a cam now and then . It gave our e9 500,a run for its money . The e9 was basically stock
  9. Hopefully the donald gets rid of that regulation
  10. We had issues with a 18 speed mack about 10 years ago ,put thousands in it and it turned out to be a little vent was plugged in the range selector. We decided to go Eaton on these new ones . We were gonna switch back to mack trans before the titan discontinued issue and now maybe mack maxitorque discontinued.
  11. I didn't know it was that high a percentage of automatic. We are serious about trying a automatic in the next truck as we aren't all that happy with the Eaton 18 speeds quality we had to do a rebuild of one at 200k Miles
  12. Yeah I agree . They might as well close it i ad high hopes when ex scania man took over ceo of volvo but seems like he's making it worse
  13. In a way I can see them stopping mack manual transmissions as automatics are taking over but why would you stop offering Eaton manuals ? Arrogance and ignorance
  14. It would be interestingto see if it's possible
  15. You can't put a isx in a CH have to have a CL . The truck your looking at must be a CL.