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  1. We installed one of those heavy ones a few years ago. Dealer quoted $1800 for labor. When we were done, we wished we gave the dealer the money. Lots of work, especially if you're not set up for it.
  2. That says it all......
  3. That looks like a great truck actually. I would get them to throw in a dpf cleaning and service in the deal. If you're stretching it anyways why daycab it? Sleeper can be handy if you don't have slobs driving it.
  4. What's the Lucas oil really supposed to do?
  5. Maybe for ISIS
  6. A 2004 anything is a bad engine. Eliminate your emissions on the Mack.
  7. How does the human cannonball work?
  8. Happy birthday enjoy the car!
  9. This looked like a real cowboy.
  10. So what are the theories?
  11. What?!? No explosion at the end? The vehicle always explodes after it rolls down an embankment.
  12. How well did these work out?
  13. Almost reminds me of an RD.
  14. What ever happened with the ceramic engine ideas? No cooling needed.
  15. What's a realistic price on those?