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I am considering buying a approx 1979 Superliner that has been sitting approx 5-7 years. Supposedly had a new engine,thats why current owner bought it to put in another truck but never did. want some thoughts on trying to start it. I was going to put in new batteries,check oil pan for water,change fuel in filters,disconnect fuel line from tank and put it in a clean bucket of fuel,crank engine with engine stop pulled till i get oil pressure,then try to start. Any thoughts? oil level is ok,antifreeze is dark green and full,and there was pressure in radiator when i removed the cap.Appreciate any answers guys Thanks Don

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Install a quick conect or a valve on the in coming fuel line at the injection pump. If the rack is stuck you will have a way to stop the engine before it blows up.

I will say yes to this because i have seen them do it and a engine of mine did that after setting about 10 years and i was there fast engough to take the fuel ;line off. Luckey is what i think.

glenn akers

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