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    1965 B model tandem dump 8N Ford AC 160 Diesel
  1. disconnected air line from aneroid on injection pump to valve on intake manifold. unsrewed fitting into that valve and put in pipe plug. No air to puff limiter(aneroid)
  2. I have a B model with i guess a duplex, 2 sticks with hi an lo on one stick. Have major problem with trans. Could use trans depending where you're located. '
  3. Sorry i forgot to tell you it is aMack 350.Ichanged fuel filters and air filter. Good idea to check fuel pressure. idid check throtle pedal and linkage. I put a plug in at intake manifold,going to haul a load of fuel tomorrow and see how it works.
  4. Truck seems to run fine empty.Loaded seems down on power,especially pulling grades. When you downshift you almost have to keep downshifting because it doesn't pick it up. Any thoughts? I'm thinking aneroid valve.
  5. Purchased old superliner,setting for approx 5 years. I know there's mice. I'm sure someone has encountered this. Any ideas to drive(no pun intended) them out. Don't want to bring truck in garage to work on before dealing with problem. I have brand new shop and don't want it infested.
  6. Any idea what to use in 1979 superliner power steering system? Fluid is low truck steers hard.
  7. Success on Sat. 07-11-09 Got the old girl running with new batteries,clean fuel in filters. Put the shutoff valve in fuel line like you guys recommended(was not needed) Cranked it over with fuel shutoff pulled(got 30lbs oil pressure just cranking)then pushed it in and she started.Also had fire extinguisher there like recommended. I'm going to buy this old Superliner. Been driving since 1973,drove R models and CH's also other brands,but this Superliner is cool.
  8. was checking old superliner to see which fuel line coming out of tank fed the filters when I saw 2 heater hoses going into the tank. Is this designed to heat the fuel? Thanks Tandem B
  9. I am considering buying a approx 1979 Superliner that has been sitting approx 5-7 years. Supposedly had a new engine,thats why current owner bought it to put in another truck but never did. want some thoughts on trying to start it. I was going to put in new batteries,check oil pan for water,change fuel in filters,disconnect fuel line from tank and put it in a clean bucket of fuel,crank engine with engine stop pulled till i get oil pressure,then try to start. Any thoughts? oil level is ok,antifreeze is dark green and full,and there was pressure in radiator when i removed the cap.Appreciate any answers guys Thanks Don
  10. Maxville, years ago Diamond Reo built tri-drives used for cement mixer chassis. I used to have sales brochures but thats a long time ago. I also have seen some of these trucks in a truck junkyard in eastern Pa. I know where they are (if still there). Could call and ask and if over that way I could possibly take pictures. Tandem B
  11. Have a B model tandem dump. Was converted from gas to diesel years ago.(by prior owner) Truck has trans problem so cant be driven at speed. Was wondering if years ago the rear ratios were the same for gas or diesel and what would happen if i replaced duplex with quad box or other(know someone with duplex,triplex and quad trans) Any thoughts or info appreciated thanks
  12. Greetings from central Pa. New to this forum-have never done this before. Just purchased B-61 tandem dump,brought it home Sat. in A.M., then went to Lititz for the show. Drove it on the lowboy for the ride home,but it has issues-transmission I think. Looking forward to many new friends on this forum and throughout restoration process.
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