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Dump To Trailer

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We did it to my dad's truck in our own yard. If you look in the background of the red superliner in my profile, you will see a dumptruck. That is the same truck that is pulling the 53' box trailer in the other picture. So yea it's possible. A dumptruck is just a tractor with a dump bed.

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I used to convert my General from dump to tractor in the winter to haul logs. I cut the rails on the dump bed to fit over fith wheel track. Took about 2 hours to convert it over once I had it set up so it was easy changing from dump to tractor and back.

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Gets done alot with trucks. OTR trucks that are retired get converted to dumps all the time. No reason you can't take dump off and add fifth wheel.

Some plumbing to add air lines and your ready.



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