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  1. We are swapping out the suspension on our Superliner to air ride and changing the hubs over to Budd. We have 4 5 spoke 38,000 hubs for sale. We also have the camel back springs that may be of use to someone. The trunion will not be salvageable. It's like 100 degrees below 0 and snowing here now so we won't be able to get them off until sometime in March. PM me if you are interested.
  2. Hey guys, I have a 1984 mack twin stick 6 speed that came out of my dad's RS mack. PTO is till attached. It will need bearings and I believe the bell housing has a crack. Best Offer.
  3. No offense, but if you are a real diver, you will pay attention to your truck and you can sense problems. I only put up this post to see if anyone knew of anymore unnecessary sh*t that i need to rid the truck of. Ive been running my 87 superliner with no sensors whatso ever for almost 4 years now. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR GAUGES, THEY AREN'T THERE FOR LOOKS, but some people think so. And i personally dont like ABS, OKAY. Oh, and the mufflers are getting scrapped this weekend. I wanna hear that dog bark, lol.
  4. Well Thad, if the water level gets low, "ive heard," it will shut the engine down. It does have an override switch but... I am young but im oldschool. If you check your fluids every day, keep an eye on your gauges, keep your ears open, and have a nose for things, you will be alright. I just really want to avoid future sensor problems, because they will eventually go bad. And as for abs, I don't think anything is wrong with it. But I want full control of my brakes. I know how to drive/brake, and i don't want a computer releasing the brakes for me. and as for the pump, i am going to put a mechanical fuel pump back on the engine eventually, if i ever have costly problems with the electrical one. And whoever says that it can't be done, is wrong. I talked to the guys at the mack/volvo engine manufacturing plant in Hagerstown MD On the newer engines, i can't remember which year it starts but i know it's after 2001 you cannot do it. Like i said before, im old school.
  5. it's a 2000 not a 2001. I have already disconnected the low water level thingy. you just cut the 2 wires that go to the resevior and tie them together. that was a simple fix. I have disabled the abs also. The block in the truck can be transformed back to a mechanical pump. that's one reason i bought the truck. I run about 300miles a day and i have to keep running while i am updating the superdog. I cant take that camel "break my" back suspension anymore. I can never get rid of her!
  6. I am used to my old primitive superliner which will be going through some physical changes this winter, ie: 4 feet longer and air ride suspension. I just bought a 2000 vision with a 460hp e7. The cam has already been replaced. As soon as i get it home i am disconnecting the low water level sensor if it has one. What other dodads do i need to disconnect before working it?
  7. Hey guys im getting bored with my current steering column in my RW. Can anyone tell me if the tilt steering column from a ch or cl will fit on an R Model? It looks like they could be interchangeable with a few mods. If I had a ch or cl available to look at, i would be able to figure it out for myself, but im not that fortunate, lol. Maybe something from an 89-95 model? Hk trucking, i know you have both r models and cls
  8. Well, I paid $4000 for my superliner 2 years ago from a dealer. The only thing i did to it was add a wet kit and change the front hubs. It had 300,000 orig miles on it and no other problems. If the motor is blown id offer em 1000-1300 just like Trent. But they call me a horse trader, lol.
  9. lol Is that what those things are called? hahahaha
  10. Well, it's not going to cost me a dime. I have spokes on the rear now. the air ride cut off that i have is hub piloted. My trunion is suspect, and i want the truck to be 4 feet longer. So it's beneficial for me. Im going to do it in my own shop. We changed my dads r model from camel back to a mack air ride. I know his truck is longer than mine, but it rides much better than my superliner with the camelback. Im pretty sure all of you guys know those damn trunions crack, lol.
  11. Im not a victim of a weak bladder yet, lol. Im not willing to take out any springs tho. I will put the air ride cut off that i have under it pretty soon. With my part time job, that i start next week, i will have to bobtail 20 miles. You guys maybe seeing me up north pretty soon. I will be hauling styrofoam throughout pennsylvania. Light duty for the old dog, lol.
  12. Just out of curiosity, has anyone experienced the urge to use the bathroom more often than normal while driving a truck with a stiff camelback suspension vs one with a smooth riding air suspension?
  13. Hey guys, a buddy of mine is hell bent on getting a superliner. He said he found a superliner with a sleeper. The problem is he needs financing. He found a company that would finance any truck of any age as long as it doesn't have a sleeper. Anyone know of any other finance company that would finance a 17 year old truck with a sleeper? Oh and here is a new picture of my old dog, lol
  14. Hahahaha, that's good to hear man! Will you also have to change the seat on the loader? Im pretty sure your cheeks clamped on to it pretty hard when that dog started movin.'
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