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  1. Thanks, I guess I can quit going crazy now, looking for where it's supposed to be connected
  2. I purchased an 84 RS 688 about three months ago and have been working it daily. I noticed that I had a faint air leak and thought I would get around to finding it. When I did, I noticed that of the six 1/4" lines running down the shifting tower the black one was cut off halfway down. All the lines are different color, if that matters. I have looked as much as I can to find where it was connected and can find no other line, fitting, or opening where it could have been connected. Is this supposed to be this way? It leaks when the shifter is in neutral and the splitter is in the direct position. When you put it in the over position it stops. All forward gears work jus fine. In reverse though I get a random " clank" when I use 3,4, or 5. Is this related? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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