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Pyrometer Location

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I thought I would share what I recently read and possibly most of you already know. I just installed a new pyrometer in my 96 DM. I got it from PAI. After thinking I would have to weld a nut on the exhaust I found that it was tapped with a 1/4” plug about 3” downstream from the turbo. It was on the back side so I didn’t see it at first. So as usual I installed everything without reading the instructions. After I was done I browsed through them. I found a warning/notice stating that if the probe was installed post turbo the gauge would be reading 150-200 degrees cooler than the actual exhaust temp !  It stated that if possible to locate the probe pre turbo in the exhaust manifold. Welp there is no way that’s going to happen on my e7 350. 
  I personally have never seen one on a Mack installed in the manifold. Or for that matter on a cat or Cummins. Always just after the turbo. 
  So for the last 40 years when I was looking at the exhaust temp and thought it was 850 it was really 1050 degrees ? 
  How many of you are aware of this. Am I the only one that never gave this any thought ? 

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that is very unusual definitely never seen any pyro in any other place than about 2 or 3 inches after the turbo on any cummins or mack and detroit with the exception for the 864 v8 no turbo 2 pyros at the exhaust manifolds

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I've never seen one come apart, but I don't think it is worth the risk. I noticed they said the guarantee the thermocouple, yeah great you'll replace the $50 part but I'm on the hook for the replacement turbo, no thanks.

 I routinely saw north of 1000 deg pulling hard with no problems. oil cooled pistons keep the aluminum ones from cracking, newer stuff uses steel composite pistons, steel crown with aluminum body. Even the older ones used a steel 1st groove.

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