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Hey everybody. I have a 68 r685 with a 237 and five speed. The truck currently has a pto on the transmission but no wet kit. I'm looking to add one to pull my dump trailer around. The problem is thought that the pto has a 1 1/2" keyed shaft, unlike modern ptos which have a female end for the shaft from the pump to slide into. My understanding from research is this is an old style using a jack shaft to run from the pto to the pump. Has anybody added a pump to this style of pto recently? I'd prefer to keep the current pto and retrofit something to it instead of replacing it.

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Yes , I put one on my H Model when I installed a Rollback bed, I just hung the pump from a cross member ( made a mounting bracket) ran a pto shaft with a slip joint from PTO to Pump , we also have a B Model dump with the same setup. I’m sure all the older trucks were the same setup. I don’t think the Pumps were mounted to the PTOs until the early 80s , I have 3 later 80s Superliners  and the pumps are mounted directly to the PTO . 

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