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2006 Mack cv713 electrical issues

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Hi guys new to this forum, I’m working on a 2006 cv713 its a old waste Mng roll off it has a few weird issues, when you key off the ignition engine will stay running nothing else has power then it will die on its own after about 5 minutes. It will also shut off while it’s idling it’s not a idle shut down timer it shuts off and everything looses power, I’ve checked all power relays, grounds, checked for shorts load tested wires, battery connections are good, it has a brand new ignition switch I can’t really find too good of a wiring diagram, far as I can tell once the key is off the fuse box under the hood and the power relays are still powered for 5 minutes I’ve swapped power relays as well 

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When you checked relays, did you locate the acc.relay?  Is there anything plugged into the data port, like an ELD jumper?  I know it was a trash truck, just curious...  

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As TJC said , the turbo cool down feature is turned on in the parameters.  You should be able to turn the key back on then back off and the engine should immediately shut off. And also possibly the idle shu down is turned on as well. 

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