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Upgraded exhaust manifold???

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So I found I have a crack in my exhaust manifold, (2010 mp8). I see there are some upgraded ceramic manifolds that are claiming increased HP, increased air flow, cooler exhaust temps, improved fuel economy. Does anyone have any experience with them? They are about double the price of the original style. Just curious if they make a difference, or is it just a lot of good advertising? 

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I have no experience or heard of anyone that actually used what you described. But back in 2002 or so I custom flow  ported a ETECH exhaust manifold, exhaust ports of the heads and exhaust inlet of the turbo. I spent about 8 hours with a die grinder , best I remember it only gained maybe 2 psi of boost at most , this was with a truck with high flow dual exhaust. But now days with EGR and DPF ( very restrictive exhaust) I’m not sure how  much it would help. 

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