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Terex/Advance mixers

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I don't think Volvo owns them? I think they just bought the articulated dump truck line?

Last I saw Terex does still exist? I think they are just more into the crushing and screening equipment now?

Not sure if they still have their crane division or if they sold it off?

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On 4/21/2023 at 11:07 PM, Terry T said:

Terex/Advance is about 13 miles from my house. Their property butts up to a golf course that I used to play at often therefore I have made many a trip onto the property to retrieve golf balls.

I also have hauled chassis' in and out of there when I had my wrecker service and have hauled drums for them when I was flatbedding.

The picture is of a concrete pump chassis going to the Mack dealer for driveshaft work.  You'd never believe just how heavy it was! The front bumper on that old Ford had 1,000# of steel shot in it and I still had to "brake steer" and let the clutch out VERY slowly if I wanted to keep the steer on the ground...


Concrete Pumper Chassis.JPG

You can see it's getting a little light on the steers.  Wow!  You'd never know from looking at that chassis that it was that heavy.

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