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Mack CF700 Engines


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It depends which cf700. The CF719 has the 864 V8 with twin turbo.  The CF795 has the 865 and the CF797 had the 866. While the only made 14, 86 and 12 respectively, there were thousands and thousands of other trucks made with these engines. There are 864 parts around but they are hard to come by. The 865 and 866 parts have gotten very expensive. 

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once again I have to say the info on this forum is mind boggling. 50+yrs later still learning. spent a week at the Mack fire apparatus school  in allentown === I know there is no such place today!! well it was there 45 yrs ago. LOL point is never knew the difference in model designation== CF719-864/ CF795=865 etc. maybe I did know THEN and forgot along with may other numbers ...not only that makes me feel old ; the fact 866 parts expensive = I was around when 866 was a brand new engine, 

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I got you beat I didn’t even know CF used  v eights what does 673  is about the same way thank God I really don’t need any engine parts but I understand they are after markets available. Sorry I wouldn’t know where to send you. Good luck…. Bob

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