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Can someone give me any info on this model? I cant find much on the internet. Thanks.

I have the opportunity to buy it for 3000. It runs and drives. But not knowing much about it, dont know if thats good or not.






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In the first picture I thought it was an MB, but looking at your serial number stating it is an MC with a larger windshield. These were built on a short wheelbase and used as city tractors and also on a longer frame for trash compactor work. An active contributor on this site by the nickname "Hippy" and user name 70mackMB has an ex-Overnight MB city tractor and should be able to provide more information sources.


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It looks like it's 'kin' to an MR...  Did the post office use these too?  Does it have an air starter,and an Allison 5 spd?  just curious.

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