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Low air pressure on start up

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Does it pay to rev the piss out of engine to build air pressure? I have a chart that lists various air compressors and they ALL are rated displacement @1250 rpm. We were all told at driving school that you can rev it all you like, it's not gonna build pressure any faster. Any thoughts? 

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No it doesn’t, however a slight increase in throttle will speed it up some. it’s a “small engine” and can only bring in and compress so much air at once. So there is a sweet spot. 

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I tend to bump throttle up to 1,000 rpm.

It helps build air a little faster, and also helps build heat in block a little faster.

Going full throttle on a cold engine is not good for the engine, but a slight increase will not hurt it 



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are you having issues building air?  if so, check for air leaks, if you post the year and model of the truck we can give you insight on specific issues.. also, at around 1200 rpm, air pressure should take no more than 45 seconds to build from 85-100 PSI..  jojo

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