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Odd R Model At Work

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This truck was bought used about 2 years ago we used it for a year untill an unknown engine problem developed. It has sat behind some trailers for about a year now untill this weekend when We draged it out for the repair next week.. When I was looking art it something cought my eye.. :blink:

1) it has a the tow hooks simmilar to a "western" R model

2) it has the straight frame rails (does not bow out up front around the engine)

3) it has the RS/valuliner air tanks and batt boxes, fuel tankes etc...

4) the "standard" R hood sit a few inches higher off the rails (see gap) than normal R models but the cab is not any higher up off the frame like RS models are.

When I opend the door the tag said it was built in PA in 87??

could not find a model number?

only thing I could tink of is that it was a RS600 or valuliner (tall hood)at one time and then converted to a "standard" R hood

ever seen one of these??

Its a nice truck inside and out.. looks like a 315 or early 350 HP tip turbine with an 13 speed. western style alum fuel tanks and hyd tank, single frame, black interior :thumb:

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