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Granite not directing air into defroster vents

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Well I’ve had some good luck fixing my 07 granite on this site so here I go again…

Blower works great but not much at defroster vents when called for.

im taking console apart now and was wondering if there is a flapper or something that I need to check and how do I get to it….

 Thanks Sledog 

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The mode boxes in those trucks were known for the gears stripping and causing the issue you have..  so basically, you need to suck down the A/C, pinch off the 2 heater hoses at the firewall to remove them, and remove the A/C lines there as well, pull the floor pan around the shifter out, so when you remove the HVAC unit, you can tip it out.  you may need to put the stick in 5th gear for extra room.  Then you do the repair on the bench.  I dont have the bulletin, but I bet someone will post it for you..  Good luck, Jojo

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Yeah Buddy,,,   you dodged a bullet there..  Glad you pulled the cover off before digging in to sucking the A/C and coolant lines and such..  was it the arm and lever right in front when you pulled the cover?  Jojo

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Ya Joey it was right behind the control board on the right hand side. It doesn’t look like it popped off by itself…. Probably was swapped with her sister truck and never got hooked back up…. Pretty sure it’s been like that since I’ve owned the truck……



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