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Bulldog Airlines


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It was not a commercial Airline!

Just what Mack called its flight department. We were the first to fly instruments with helicopters. The military had been doing it for years but the FAA was very slow to allow it.

Mack had its own Helicopter Only airway route structure between Boston and Washington DC with a separate structure connecting New York City with Allentown PA.

Most military helicopter pilots were qualified to fly in weather, IFR.

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Question: why did Mack have such an extensive flight division? I mean back in the day every farm and medium size business had there own plane but helicopters were sort of a rarity for even large businesses back then. You said that it was mainly customers so was it like a guided tour thing? How many people went up per day for them too need dedicated pilots?





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The headquarters was moved to Allentown by Hansen. He used Aviation to continue the relationship of NYC proximity for business as he wanted to be closer to the operation of manufacturing trucks in Allentown PA.

Obviously this was a very successful decision because the company was on a rapid path to bankruptcy at the time. That is why Z. Hansen was brought on board! He turned it around and very soon after his retirement Mack returned towards Bankruptcy.



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29 minutes ago, Quickfarms said:

It’s amazing how one person’s leadership can change the course of a company

Not really that amazing, my Dad always said, "if it is crook, it's crook from the top down"

Another example is  "lead by example"

I was a dairy farmer for many years, we weren't left a family farm and had no experience beem a dairy farmer

They (the dept of agg) had farm walks on local farms and the farmers took turn hosting these

The farm walks were called "Target Ten", get 10% more profitable for 10 10 years in a row 

I had little to no experience been a dairy farmer but I made some observations very early on that I still use today 

I observed that we (dairy farmers as whole) had all pretty much the same thing, we had cows, land, pasture, a dairy to milk our cows, irrigation water and so on

However some farmers really appeared to make it work and others always had the ass out of their pants

It was all in the detail, the small stuff, the way it's done and not what you have 

And the recipey used last month, last year to make it work is very different than the one that might be used next month, next season

It wasn't just finding a formula that works and sticking with it, it's in the detail and constantly fine tuning it 

Obviously this Hansen had a very good eye for the little details that made a huge difference 

Or that other saying, "watch the penny's and the pounds will watch them selves"



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