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OH Gee! l couldn't help notice the OVNT signage on the wall. What's the story on that? And would you part with it? You know just asking for a friend or two.    .....Hippy   

On 6/20/2022 at 9:07 PM, yarnall said:

Great.  The water pump on my A30 firetruck needs rebuilt, but I am considering selling it rather than fixing


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Wow that sucker is clean for some reason I had a feeling you just got it and we’re doing a restoration on it but instead it seems like that’s the only problem with it gorgeous thanks for sharing and as far as that overnight sign goes I would like to have it myself I knew a lot of guys they are out of Reno

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I’ve had the A30 for 11 or 12 years, but have done nothing with it. It is very clean. Just a little rust on the fenders at the bracket.   
A friend worked out of the overnite terminal in Stowe PA when they were bought out.  I asked if he could get me a sign from a trailer but that was the best he could do.  I have 2 overnight H63’s that are on the project list. Mike 

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