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Tilt and telescopic steering wheel

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I have a 13 cxu 613 pinnacle 

Yesterday I had to tighten up my ignition switch and while I had all the plastic off I blew all the dust and crap out of there ...put it all back together and now my tilt wheel wont stay in place . Hmmm I should have left all the dirt and dust in there ...the question is ...is there a adjustment somewhere to tighten up so it stays in place and the cable on the lil pedal seems to have slack in it also ....and or how to take the slack out of the cable .....


Plus somebody tell me how to post pics on here ....got another problem 

Thank you for your time 

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I beleive there is a campaign on this issue.. I replaced a few of them because the 'clutch' if you will, wont grab..  If I remember right, the whole frame around the steering column is replaced as a unit, cable included..    there afre a few ways to post pics,  I would just e-mail the pic to myself then drag and drop it into my post..  my suggestion is to reduce the size of the file to Kb's, so that you dont use all of your data quota in a hurry...  i made that mistake, and now I cant post pictures any more..   Jojo

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53 minutes ago, Joey Mack said:

Youre name certainly suit's you , Mack Pro...  👍    jojo

The first few years of Mack putting the MP engine in their trucks, you better remember every recall, service bulletin and product improvement campaign because you we’re gonna use them several times a day ! Lol. I saved every email mack ever sent out since 2005 , they were good about sending out info to the service technicians . That slowly trickled to a stop by around 2014 

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Amen brother... My last go around at Mack, showed me the BS...  I would use the dealer portal at home while I was doing my ProPath training, to print off as many manuals as I could afford paper and toner for..  I have (4) 3 ring binders full.  about 1 whole reem of paper...  just sayin'.. however, i do as much as I can to stay away from 2007 and newer trucks, in my service business..  so far, i'm ok..    jojo

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