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Mack mDrive Limp Home mode


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Today I discovered the limp home mode on mDrive in a 2016 CHU614.

The transmission couldn't seem to handle any torque and would just slip, allowing the engine to rev without any drive to the wheels in drive or reverse.  If the accelerator was pressed very slowly and very lightly, it would sometimes drive if on level ground or downhill (but usually only until the next complete stop).


Anyways, I spent hours googling and couldn't find anything about an mDrive Limp mode (maybe everyone else knows about it from the sticker on the visor), but if not, now there will be a post about it.


The instructions were:

While stopped, depress brake pedal, press (N) and (+) buttons at the same time. Then press M or R.  By using (+), gears (D3) and (D5) are also available.  


It was enough to get me off the side of the road to safer parking after one night parked on the highway.


Cheers all.  Thanks for the great site.  

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