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swap an elec. inj. pump with a mechanicle inj. pump..

Joey Mack

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I have a customer that has a '96 RD. He wants me to pull the elec. inj. pump, and install a mechanical inj. pump.. I assume both are robert bosch based on the year. But I havent gotten all the details yet..  I have never done such a swap... would I just use the pump degree settings from the mechanicle pump, and install it that way..  I have only ever re-installed the pump's that were on the engine originally.. I have the tool's, most of the knowledge and all the Mack books..  I welcome any help...   Joey Mack... 

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Thank's Glenn.. I was hoping you would respond..  my cust. has 2 engines, im pulling the pump off one and putting it on the other. so I should be able to see the plug you mention, and as far as the lines, I hope to use the lines he has,  i expect that I will have to buff the ends so they seal.. I figured I would use the timing for the pump that I am keeping..  thanks again.. jojo

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On the injector lines make sure and blow them out before you install.I have many lines laying in the shed and i think ever one of them may be stopped up.The last pump and lines i took off and stored i wrap tape around the ends.There is some kind of small bee like animal that gets in there and builds a nest inside of the lines.

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glenn akers

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