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85 mh 600


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I recently picked up cabover for basicly free just the price to haul it home .Now here's what guy told me the motor is basicly new inside  witch I suspected may have been a lie until I got it running had been stored inside a shed for 12 yrs  so a few new filters and oil change  fresh fuel  and the old e9 flashed up with ease a little puff of black smoke and run smooth.Now the guy also told me he had payed a mechanic to replace clutch but had a falling out with him and he didn't hook up linkage or put exhaust back on witch I did .here's my issue I fired up truck put in gear and nothing so adjusted as per instructed  by Google and still nothing I think he might have put discs in backwards clutch wont disengage only way to find out for sure is split engine/ tranny 12 speed maxitorque by the way big heavy job .or should I put the truck up for sale and get out of it and make a few buck and save the headache what do you think

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7 hours ago, Brian L Blaylock said:

It being a 12 speed it’s very possible that the air lines are not properly connected and it’s not shifting out of neutral 

Brian that makes the most sense out of any of our jibberish

If the box has been out the airlines might not even be connected 



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