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What engine??


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10 minutes ago, 63BMack said:

Take a wire brush to the top of the block right in front of the 2 bolts on the fuel pump it will probably have ENDT675 stamped in the engine block. 

cardboard/ drain pail under front corner , little spray of brake clean and brush. 

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Look for numbers stamped anywhere around here.  Usually had something like "T 673 C".  LOOKS more like an ENDT-673 or ENDT-673C.  But, I BELIEVE some of the earliest 675's may have had that cartridge-type "oil clarifier" instead of the spin-on filters.

Like they said, VIN number will give a clue as to the original engine.  Best place to get the VIN is actually on the RH frame rail, just behind the front shock mount...just barely out of view in your picture.



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